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Re: Recommend me a fucking amazing film
« Reply #180 on: July 22, 2020, 09:45:48 AM »
I think I genuinely prefer Timecop to Primer.

Re: Recommend me a fucking amazing film
« Reply #181 on: August 05, 2020, 06:48:24 PM »
Apocalypse Now: Final Cut, currently on iPlayer for the whole of August.


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Re: Recommend me a fucking amazing film
« Reply #182 on: August 07, 2020, 04:36:10 AM »
It's an astounding piece of work but that water buffalo slaughter at the end really put me off it. (I also don't like films having lots of versions out there, as I always feel I could be missing out on something. Ironically if they had cut the aforementioned scene out I would have walked away from the film delighted. Which would be inappropriate.)

Oh, and the production team also burnt down a load of rainforest for the opening, safe in the knowledge that due to the political situation of the time they wouldn't be held to account. Perhaps in the past I would have but now I can't put such actions (the arson and animal cruelty, of which there was apparently a lot more filmed than shown) aside in appreciation of great art. It mars the whole enterprise.

Re: Recommend me a fucking amazing film
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It's a hard watch for me to, although lessened somewhat by the fact that the slaughter wasn't done for the film, but rather was happening anyway and they decided to film it.

After his wife, Eleanor, a documentary filmmaker, captured the locals' first water buffalo sacrifice, he decided to film the second, equally bloody and brutal slaughter for the final scenes of "Apocalypse Now."

"I did not direct it or anything, that was the way they do it," said Coppola, noting that he refused an offer to keep an extra water buffalo on standby if the first shoot didn't go to plan. "I'm not going to kill an animal for a movie; I'm not going to kill anything for any reason."

The arson, I didn't know about. These things do mar the enjoyment but I still regard the film as a high watermark in American cinema.


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Re: Recommend me a fucking amazing film
« Reply #184 on: August 09, 2020, 12:04:29 AM »
Sorry We Missed You. Absolutely fucking amazing. Ken Loach does it again. I found it really affecting, much in the same way as with I, Daniel Blake.

It's relentlessly grim and brilliantly played by an inexperienced cast, as is the way with our Ken. I was particulalry impressed by the guy who played the parcel delivery boss; a totally belligerent twat. The family dynamic is agonisingly portrayed and reminds you of how the country is a shithole.

I actually didn't realise the pressures delivery people are under. Made me not want to order anything on line ever again for one hour.

The story takes partial inspiration from the experiences of Don Lane, a courier for DPD who died January 2018 after working through illness in the Christmas delivery rush. He had skipped several hospital appointments to treat his type 1 diabetes because he had been charged £150 by DPD when he missed deliveries to attend an appointment and feared further charges.
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Re: Recommend me a fucking amazing film
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Everyone go watch Office Space, just to remember it's OK to fucking hate your bullshit office job