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Re: Christmas TV schedules
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I started watching the show that started at half past and saw about the first 15 minutes.  I wasn't impressed.  When they announced they were going to do an "IRA sketch" I thought that was a bit daring, but then it started and they were just doing a bunch of Irish stereotypes.  I left the room for ten minutes to go do something and when I came back into the room they were still carrying on with the accents.  It was 5 to so I turned over as I was going to watch something that was about to start soon and didn't want to miss the start and it wasn't worth hanging around for a few more minutes of this dreck.  Apart from the intro did they even mention the IRA?  If that was the height of comedy in the early 70's then things sure have changed.  A shame they didn't find something else, that was atrocious.

In fairness most of it was about trying to get the Irish accent right and Eric failing miserably, with Ronnie Carroll (a genuine Irish fella) genuinely corpsing several times (but there is also, of course, an element of "of its time" - let's not try to amend or delete history again please?).  That's not to say it was a good sketch - it wasn't, and it's a good example of why Hills and Green were replaced by Eddie Braben soon after.

Having said that, I think I'm right in saying that the Andrew Preview sketch (a masterpiece in all comedy in my opinion, and Ernie particularly is on fire) was actually written by Hills and Green years before and pretty much the only thing different in the sketch as performed was Previn's (mostly improvised) dialogue and reactions.

Re: Christmas TV schedules
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Anyone watched Las Mis? Just want to check whether it's  any good or not.


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Re: Christmas TV schedules
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After a pisspoor Christmas TV offering, even by the dismal standards of Christmas TV schedules, I was kind of hoping there'd be a big bang of New Year goodies (not those goodies; calm down TC). Has anything been announced? Bizarrely, the BBC doesn't seem to use its website to preview coming attractions - I'm guessing something else it's been told not to do by Sky the UK government.

Re: Christmas TV schedules
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New series of Cuckoo starts on Friday. Can't see anything else coming up this month on British telly that I'm likely to watch. Supposedly the new Alan Partridge series starts sometime next month.