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It's wallpaper time. It's time for wallpapers. There's a time and a place for wallpapers - the time is now, the place is here. This thread is where we gather wallpapers. We'll look at the wallpapers, and smile and nod if they're good.

Basically post any image (preferably 1920x1080, not some fucking stupid mad resolution) that you think is wallpaper-worthy. I'll focus on videogame-related stuff, but you can post artwork, photography, screenshots, pictures of your fucking cat, anything you like. Click to expand!

Fallout: New Vegas

Mirror's Edge




Age of Empires 2

Legend of Grimrock


Mount & Blade


And now! Some original content! I wanted a wallpaper of SHODAN from System Shock, but hit a snag - virtually every wallpaper available is either a dodgy fanart design, or the System Shock 2 version, when I much prefer how SHODAN looks in System Shock 1. Therefore, I present to you, my own wallpaper!

"Lemming, that's incredible! One of the best wallpapers I've ever seen!"
Thank you!
"But why is the light off-centre?"
It's intentional, it's artistic. I definitely did it on purpose.
"Why is half of the screen just blank?"
For your desktop icons, idiot.
"And have you just taken an existing image of SHODAN and put a gradient blur over it in Photoshop?"
"And you probably used like, not even Photoshop"
Listen. Fuck off. Fuck off, bastard

Post your wallpapers.

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Thanks! Looks beautiful upscaled and stretched across my 16:9 screen.

Would you believe I've actually got a couple of really good Sailor Moon ones?


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This collection of backgrounds from Miyazaki films makes for great wallpapers.