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Edgar Wright gave the article some stick on Twitter yesterday I think, right so.

Comes across as a right smug cunt.

I remember by local HMV having the video nasty section right next to the kids/disney section stuff. That always made me chuckle, the fact a five year old could end up seeing the front cover to Cannibal Holocaust.

Definitely part of the appeal when I was a child, take a sneaky look at the alarming/exciting cover of 'The Incredible Melting Man' while my parents weren't looking.  Mind you, I guess kids today could just watch the whole thing on youtube.

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I'd take issue with this. The branch in Liverpool at least was great for picking up import dance and remix 12" back in the early 90s. I also picked up a fair chunk of my KLF Communications collection there, as when they deleted their catalogue they dumped their remaining stock through The Cartel, and the HMV here had the foresight to pick loads of it up. Piles of new copies of the Pure Trance original and remix singles, copies of 1987:The JAMs 45 Edits album and Shag Times compilation all going for a couple of quid.

Sadly they couldn't keep the rent up on the megastore in Liverpool One (it's now a Foot Locker) and moved into a tiny shop down one of the alleys a couple of months ago.

It did, it also had loads of world music and folk and jazz, all the stuff most chain stores had long since chucked out. It was great in there in the 90s. Also, whoever was selecting the in-store music there had good taste because there was very rarely anything shite playing (if I remember correctly).

As far as the dance is concerned though, I suppose we were lucky being a sort of epicentre, with Cream round the corner. 3 Beat and Probe etc were all well stocked with that, Quiggins too, maybe HMV had to work harder to compete here than elsewhere. The only thing that used to piss me off was the price, I remember paying £16.99 for Exile On Main Street on cd in about 1998, wasn’t exactly a fucking rarity!!

Did you ever go to the Virgin Megastore in town Buzby? That was a cut above most other cities too, if I’m remembering rightly again!

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Sadly I completely fucked up the previous reply and tagged it on to Buzby’s quote, I don’t know how to fix it because I’m on a new phone and I haven’t worked out how to do it yet!

Sorry, I hope it’s decipherable where his post ends and mine starts. Not that my post is worth bothering with in the first place!