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Re: Dancing on Ice 2019
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Didn't realise they published full voting statistics for Dancing on Ice. Saara finished 3rd with barely a quarter of 2nd place Wes's vote. Fuckin Brexit aye? I mean, objectively a bit maybe deserved, but. Brexit

I've occasionally wondered how the 50/50 judge/viewer voting split affects how people vote in this and Strictly, beyond what little we can already extrapolate from the results, and it seems the answer is... not at all? After the opening half-week of Gemma-induced delirium, both James and Wes were consistently in the top 2 on the leaderboard and the viewers' vote. I assumed they'd be somewhere in the middle-to-bottom of the vote, with most people surmising they're not in any danger, but no, absolutely no mass tactical thinking at all, people just straight up vote for who they liked best regardless of whether they're under threat or not. Milksops!

James Jordan was actually slightly more popular with viewers than with the judges. He's not just some bellend we've reluctantly tolerated because he can dance well. We're actually disproportionately fond of him as a nation. Brexit

Here's a video of Jason Gardiner talking about anal to top things off.