Author Topic: What's Cheltenham like?  (Read 725 times)


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Re: What's Cheltenham like?
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Spent an inordinate amount of time in Tewksbury, Gloucester and Cheltenham; lots of friends out that way. Lovely part of the world. Lots of nice fields and pubs and that.

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Re: What's Cheltenham like?
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Any more specific idea of what kind of place your after?

Well people have been really helpful giving ideas for alternative places to live so thanks for that! If I'm to move, I'm afraid one of the important things would be to live near a decent primary school. I wouldn't choose to live in a village but a smallish town doesn't scare me (so long as there's a cote brasserie). We're used to living in a large 3 bed house, an excellent garden within walking distance of the centre and I can't get passed wishing I could bring it with us to wherever we go, but realistically it sounds like we're gonna have to downsize or risk living in a shit area.