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Nice one DJoker. Not inconceivable that he could pass Nadal this year but it would be dependent on Nadal either being injured during the French Open or having a bad day whilst another player has the match of a life time (Soderling).

Wouldn't mind if he overtook Federer to be honest, Federer has always been for me the best player to watch, but his record against Novak and Nadal does leave a slightly sour taste to describing his as the best of all time whereas if Djoker overtook him it would leave him with a better head to head record against both the top players of his era, and the most slams.

But really, I don't give a f*ck as long as Nadal doesn't get to 20.

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« Reply #31 on: March 18, 2019, 01:16:33 AM »
Two great finals at Indian Wells again this year. Great to see Thiem take a Masters at last. Somewhat surprising it came on a hardcourt, but his results have been improving in the last year.

Also, Andreescu looks like an incredible prospect. Wasn't even in the top 150 at the start of the year. Beat Kerber, Muguruza and Svitolina this week.

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Impressive week for Fognini in Monte Carlo, beating Nadal along the way as well. Quite a few different Masters winners in the last couple of years, nice to see after years of Big Four domination in those events. Hope it'll start happening in the slams soon too.

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Really doesn't seem the formality it normally is regarding Nadal and the french. Not been awful whatsoever in this clay season, but some tough defeats for him. His serve was absolute shite tonight especially.


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Fed was beaten too. It doesn't feel like the top 4 of the last 15 years are being overtaken by the next generation though, so much as the passage of time.