Author Topic: Charity stream hosted to spite transphobic tosser Graham Linehan [split topic]  (Read 192165 times)

"You guys"...

I don't know. I should probably just keep out of this thread. I do keep hoping I can get a decent, non-cunty conversation on the odd related topic here, but it just never seems to pan out.

You never will, you guys just don't allow alternate opinions

EDIT: Page 100 tranny

Can't recall if I've posted in this thread before (being representative of the very demographic Glinner despises) but he appeared in my dream last night and can confirm he is as much of a twat in the unconscious realm as he is in the waking world

just checked in with his twitter feed for the first time in ages and I knew he'd be crowing about scoring a victory over the Yaniv thing.


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James Dreyfus is a pathetic, depressing person irl. Every single person at one of the pubs he goes to - it may even hilariously be his local given how much time he spends there - thinks he's a boring twat and laughs at him behind his back, staff included. I don't think he has much of a home life, as he's pretty much always there on his own and is often one of the last to leave, especially on weekends. His dog is cool though.

I heard what must have been like fifteen years ago from someone "in the biz" that his career had totally gone to shit and he couldn't find work anywhere. Like they'd heard he'd gone for some very shit role and were like "Hopefully he'll get it, he really needs the work." I don't think things have improved in the decade and a half since.

Still, he can afford to spend all day in London pubs drinking so he must have a bit tucked away.