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I'm sure you have all seen the criticism regarding the film and its Oscar nomination, and dramatising events is generally considered fine, its simply awful what happened on that day. There have been dramatisations of almost everything 9/11 etc, but when its very specifically about three young children (you know what I mean), I really think the parents of the children should at least be asked. Films and morales is a very complicated scenario, this particular example just doesn't sit right with me.

Edit: Dear director, Actually ask the mother of a deceased child if we can make this film and make money?


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Putting it up for Oscar consideration also adds another layer of tackiness. Lots of hand-wringing on the internet about 'art should have no boundaries, we should be free to make films about what we want, it's a slippery slope if you start banning things', but there's a middle ground. Like you say, at least fucking speak to them.