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Anyone interested in this? The demo for people who pre-ordered went up with a lot of issues it seems, and I've seen some differing opinions on it. Generally it seems like the flying around is good, but the actual shooting not so much, which was always my concern with a Bioware game really. I like Mass Effect, but I wouldn't want a version where you play it for hundreds of hours once the story is wrapped up.

As a dyed in the wool Destiny fan, I'm wondering if I kind of don't want it to be too much of a success, don't really need another online loot grind same. Still curious to try the open demo for myself, but what makes Destiny work through all the problems it's had is it still always feels great to play.


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I have no personal interest in the game itself - multiplayer games don't appeal and I prefer linear stories that have an end as opposed to endless grinding/leveling up with no clear goal other than to grind and level up. I am very interested, however, in seeing how this does critically and financially because if it's a flop I could see EA getting their knife out and becoming tumescent at the idea of killing another studio.

I watched a bit of stream footage yesterday and it looks okay - very busy, lots of shooting. The guns don't sound like they have any weight behind them. Also, the guy I was watching stream it kept abandoning his team-mates, venturing ahead on his lonesome and then cursing out his teammates when they were "late" to come save him after he'd initiated a firefight miles away from them. This is why I don't play multiplayer games - because I might run into people like him.


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If its an online only multilayer game it can go fuck itself.