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Have You Ever....
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... gone to visit your mum, then,  when she answered the door, presented her with an open autograph book and pen, and said " Sorry, I don't want to bother you, but I 've always been a fan of yours, could I have your autograph please ? " , and upon her initial laughter , being really insistent, proclaiming, with incrementally increasing  intensity " No, really, ever since I was, like , 8 years old, I've been a huge fan, please can I have your autograph, can you sign it " To Lisa, stop kicking me repeatedly in the knee ", please ?, and not resting from such requests, until the autograph is actually given to you ? Whereupon the subsequent conversation you have with your dear old ma is derived entirely from questions taken directly from an interview with Elvis Presley just before he went into the army for a bit in about 1957, or whenever the fuck it was, then, upon leaving, instead of saying " well, goodnight, mum, it 's been nice seeing you again ", you say " I 'm a founding member of Foreheads In A Fish tank, you know. I am . I really am. I DEFINITELY AM! I FUCKING AM ! "
Have you ever done that ?