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Travelers Season 3
« on: January 30, 2019, 09:56:53 AM »
Not sure if there's a thread for this - a google search of CaB threw up a few things about gypsies and one thread entitled "George Monbiot is a cunt" (so I'm going to read that in a minute).

Noticed that it had dropped, as they say, on Netflix just after Xmas. Have stuck it on my phone for, coincidentally, when I am travelling. I really enjoyed the first two series but in the same way that I like Peep Show - can't be arsed to watch it and then when I do I think "why the fuck aren't  I watching this all the time".

Anyone else a fan, or not, or got into this Season. From the trailer it looks like they've taken it in a nice direction but there might be a bit too much deus ex machina wiping people's memories and the like.

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Re: Travelers Season 3
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It's good, I like it a lot, but I don't know what the fuck's going on half the time because I don't pay proper attention because I'm old and tired and just a massive idiot. There was a good episode where it looks like Will off Will & Grace has shot a little boy, ahh but has he though, has he, ahhh? Anyway it scratches the Fringe/Person of Interest itch for me.

Re: Travelers Season 3
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Thank god it's not just me. I keep wondering where the really camp one is and why have they run with this storyline.

Didn't get into Fringe but the POI comparison is good. And that's another I can't be arsed to watch but then binge like 6 eps.

I do think I may have to watch the last few eps of the last series to get back up to speed - to be honest I've completely forgotten what the plot is apart from the FBI now know they are from the future. Or something.

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Re: Travelers Season 3
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If you find the thread where the  violent traveler gets thrown off a cliff, stick the link up

Re: Travelers Season 3
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