Author Topic: The Big Thread of Games: what's your finger exercise for an early heart attack?  (Read 529 times)

Thread locked in T-minus 3, 2...

I don't think Barry likes 'what have you been playing?' kind of threads (for good reasons) but this sub seems pretty slow so maybe it would inject a bit of life.

Related thoughts incoming...Certainly, I've completely lost motivation to spend half an hour writing something in depth about something I've thought about a lot to get basically no replies. I know that reads as a moan - it is - but I put a lot of time and effort into this sub over the last couple of years in particular and it's dispiriting to have so little engagement.

So, yeah, a what have you been playing thread is probably a good idea at this point.

Yeah just go ahead, the forum is really disappointing me lately with how dead it is, I might as well just read this and use it to harvest new threads. To that end, if people could maybe try and talk about one game at a time instead of rattling off a list, that would really help promote discussion and make it easier for me to split new threads.

And I’m very sorry to hear that Bosto, and I completely understand and agree! I posted in GB today to try and rattle a few coffins. Bear in mind some of us still enjoy reading those threads even if we don’t have time or energy to reply mate.