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Ulverton by Adam Thorpe
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I picked up a copy today and might start it tonight. Has anybody read it?

At the heart of this novel lies the fictional village of Ulverton. It is the fixed point in a book that spans three hundred years. Different voices tell the story of Ulverton: one of Cromwell's soldiers staggers home to find his wife remarried and promptly disappears, an eighteenth century farmer carries on an affair with a maid under his wife's nose, a mother writes letters to her imprisoned son, a 1980s real estate company discover a soldier's skeleton, dated to the time of Cromwell...

Told through diaries, sermons, letters, drunken pub conversations and film scripts this is a masterful novel that reconstructs the unrecorded history of England.

Just been looking at the 1 star reviews on Amazon and some people (possibly thickos) don't like the chapter that's written in dialect.

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Read it years ago and from memory enjoyed it. There is an episode of Backlisted where they sign its praises, I think it is generally well thought of.


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That's one letter away from where I live.  Spooky