Author Topic: Uncensored swearing in mainstream radio hits  (Read 1680 times)

Re: Uncensored swearing in mainstream radio hits
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I was listening to Christine and the Queens pop smash 'Girlfriend', and the second verse goes like this:

Yes sir, I am wet, for I abandoned my fame in the lake
Let's see now how fast you're breathing
And how long this will all take
Those who used to pass by me
Think they are baffling a liar
F-fuck is you?
You don't even taste much better!
Came back steaming in sweats in the morning
I muscled in for I wanted to hold him
Then shriveled to let those bird-dogs rage through
F-fuck is me?
F-fuck is you, f-fuck is you, now

She's cleaned it up for this live PA on TOTP but even then the first "F-fuck is you?" is still there. Amazing what you can get away with if you've got a forrin accent.