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Hollywood Darlings (Netflix)
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This was chucked up after I watched The Breakeruppers (and decided I was in love with Madeleine Sami - but we don't need to get into that).

I don't know what it is but the 3 central characters are child/teen actors from the 90s (Beverley Mitchell, 7th Heaven; Jodie Sweetin, Full House; Christine Lakin, Step By Step) who are now moms (in the American sense rather than the West Midlands) and follows their day to day lives now they are in their 30s (sunny California, lots of money for health care, children you never see that seem to take care of themselves).

I only know Full House as a name rather than having seen it - didn't know the other two programmes at all -  so this is probably made far more for either an American market or people a decade and a half younger than me.  I think it's semi-scripted but doesn't have the skill of the Reno 911! actors and the lives of the 3 protagonists is just too comfortable to be interesting and by extension it isn't absurd enough with the characters like James van der Beek in Don't Tell the Bitch, for example, to make take it anywhere. I don't expect a savage satire of Hollywood child stars but this is just nothing.

Has anyone else seen it? I have fallen into watching it as I have little work to do and it's a bit of a guilty pleasure-cum-hate watch.

There are also cameos from other stars I don't recognise. Am sure they're great though.