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Very. I did not enjoy the film and found it pretty dull. I felt like I'd been watching a different film as all these glowing reviews came in.
When the end credits came up, it was a crazy pills moment.
The same style and the same band!?!
I'm amazed they've not been called out on it.

I actually enjoyed it overall, but that was a bit of misstep, DC have been going for a 'lighter' tone and trying to right the ship after the fucked up the 'extended universe', but that really was pretty much just a rip-off.

Shazam! Director Points Out A Joker Easter Egg Some Fans Missed.

I spotted it, mate!

New page "SHA-ZAM!" twat!

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Shit. I remember thinking: Hey, Spider-Man.

But not until now I realize that Spidey comes from Marvel and that Shazam was a DC movie.