Author Topic: Things guaranteed to make you abandon a podcast within the first five minutes  (Read 2592 times)

dr beat

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^Ghost of Dean Martin 'still working on follow-up'.

Edit: Ghost of Dean Martin curses new page, shrugs and orders another vodka martini with Ghost Frank Sinatra.


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Someone reading a Wikipedia article about a serial killer while another person makes wacky interjections.

Any film/TV review where someone is raving about the fan service things they "finally got to see": "We finally got to see Steel Man using his magno-powers against the Hobgoblin on a planet that wasn't Klaxxon"

Anything to do with star war's or superhero's fuck offffff nnnaaaaoooooooww.

One person laughing too hard to maximise the vibe, usually Chelsea peretti or some awkward guy who they find hilarious but which I find transparently unfunny