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Observe and Report
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My Netflix seems to get messed up sometimes in Ireland and I get the US site when on VPN (connected to an Irish server) but when I disconnect it then goes back to UK / Ireland and much less choice. This is all just an establishing shot though.

On the front page I was presented with Observe and Report. I am 50/50 on Seth Rogan and thought I would stick it on in the background. It turns out to quite a weird film. There's a thread on here from 2009 and the OP pretty much shares my exact opinion of it even to the point where it's just going round in my head today.

One particularly odd thing about it is that of all the actors in it - Oswald Patton, Ana Farris, Ray Liotta, Michael Pena (can't do the ~ thing on here) don't seem to have aged. It was only Seth Rogan's youthful appearance that made me realise it wasn't a new-ish film / Netflix Original/

Has anyone else seen it and have an opinion? I might have to watch it again.

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