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How Do You Judge Directing/Acting
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To me, it all starts with the writing. My question is more how to distinguish it all, credit or fault. It's good to watch an actor play a few roles, especially different kinds of roles. I guess with a director it's probably a wise idea to read the book or whatever it's adapter from and to see what is chosen, that's the important part. I think the director has to take the credit and blame, because he can always say cut, or tell the editor to do this or that. I also try to be objective with the character, even if I don't like the person or actor, if I'm convinced, I'm convinced, but even that's hard.

Sometimes, it's the face, a smirk, something you're born with, or even the way someone sounds. I think most people notice that about 99% of the leading roles are taken by the beautiful people.

I also look at the director's different movies. For example, Robert Altman. A lot of writers didn't care too much for him, because he let the setting dictate what would be said, and I think it's creative. But I'm sure if it was my screenplay, there would be certain things I'd object to. Even though Nashville and McCabe are some of my favorite films, there's a handful of his films that I don't like at all. Was it content? Was Altman drinking the night before? Also, he likes to use the same actors a lot, almost as a troupe.

Curious to hear your thoughts and maybe read something I never considered before