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'Roots' by Alex Haley
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I was bought this book for my birthday when I was 11 and still think it was a very important work for me to have read at that age: beautiful, powerful writing and a great deal of empathy for the lives of slaves. Of course I also thought the names were historically true - there really was a Kunta Kinte, Kizzy and Chicken George - and I now know they were fictitious, but this doesn't lessen my admiration for the book as a work of the imagination.

I was wondering if any other readers here felt the same.

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I'm sure it's a great book because he helped write the Malcolm X biog, but I've heard it's a load of bollocks really.

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It's bollocks as biography and probably as a timeline; but as a depiction of slavery that I'd use to open the mind of a young teenager to the suffering of the victims, it works very well still in my opinion.

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Now. This book about slavery isn't true. But What it tells us about slavery is true.