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1402 - How I Spent My Strummer Vacation

This one's worth it just for when Mick Jagger goes "Simp-SOOOON!"

Is there a general consensus on the episodes after Season 10 that are worth watching? Surely there’s a season or twos worth of good stuff among the river of ordinariness?

When I'm done I'm going to get all the good episodes from Season 11-18 and make a best of season. The sad thing is that if you take the 22 best episodes from those 8 seasons and you get a season on par with 10. How it went downhill that fast is crazy.

The second disc of Season 18 crapped out in the last five minutes of an episode. It was about Bart befriending Nelson as he was the only one at his birthday party. It means I miss the "heartwarming" moment with Nelson being sad about Bart not wanting to be his friend instead of beating him up because that is how these things always end now (I can't be bothered looking it up and I definitely can't be bothered downloading the episode).

These DVDs aren't very good quality if I'm honest. Season 4 has stopped working outside of one disc. For all seasons every other disc seems to have a huge pause when it switches layer (I assume layer switching is the issue).

Nowhere Man

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1402 - How I Spent My Strummer Vacation

Can't believe they called it that and it didn't have a Joe Strummer cameo.

I mean to be fair Joe died about a month after that episode aired..

I was reading an article on recent Simpsons. I previously thought that Marge raping Homer was the low point of The Simpsons but I think this joke may be:
Homer is in the airport with the family, and there is a loud speaker announcement that “boarding has commenced for women, children and fat men.”

Homer replies “That’s me!”

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certainly a far cry from the great "attention marge simpson: we've also arrested your older, balder, fatter son" loudspeaker announcement from season 6

Principal Skinner: Students, I have an announcement. One of your favorite comic book heroes, Radio Man —
Nelson: Radioactive Man, stupid!
Principal Skinner: Strange, I shouldn't have been able to hear that.