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Did SMBH ever get out of this situation? Nothing worse than cunt neighbours.

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Re: Shit Housemate (Thread no. 217)
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Sigh, so I have yet another shit housemate and feel the need to vent / ask for advice. He's a guy in his twenties who's generally full of himself and makes a fuck load of noise (coming home at 4am on Friday nights with big groups of friends, slamming doors instead of closing them normally, having loud sex in the communal showers, etc, etc) but today he crossed a line as when I was teaching at 11am he started pounding on my door and screaming at me to shut up. Admittedly I'm a bit loud as I have to be animated and excited and get the kids to repeat words over and over again and all that kind of thing, but it's not that bad and I'm not exactly shouting. Anyway, he screamed abuse, swore repeatedly, kept hitting the door and I had to ignore him as I couldn't stop teaching, so he unplugged the internet thinking that'd screw me up. Fortunately we have our own internet in our room so it didn't work, so he carried on screaming until he finally got bored and went away.

I tried to talk to him after the class was over but he just shouted at me more, said I was "fat and disgusting with a peg leg", that I never go out, that I was a loser and a failure as I live in a house share at my age (the latter being technically true, admittedly), and that he was so much better than me over and over again. I tried to talk calmly and explain the situation but he just screamed that he didn't care, that he was tired of being woken up at 11am hearing me say "Cabbage" over and over again, before going back to insulting and calling me a cunt, etc, etc. I've written to my landlord about it, but she's rubbish so it's unlikely to make any difference.

It's a serious business unfortunately as the kids could hear him hitting the door and screaming while I was teaching (despite my wearing noise cancelling headphones which are normally good for that kind of thing) and as he was swearing so much I could get in to serious trouble and even potentially be fired. We are hoping to move out at some point but it's going to take us at least three or four months to save the money up, and we're contracted to stay here until the middle of July anyhow.

I've no idea what to do, so if anyone has any advice it'd be enormously appreciated.

Slice him up from throat to cunt.

Delighted to help! x


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Re: Shit Housemate (Thread no. 217)
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Or maybe a dead rat. Does anyone know if you can buy either online?

You can get frozen mice for a reasonable price. They defrost quite quickly, and can fit in more places.

On a serious note, your housemate sounds like a big heap of cunt and I hope things improve for you soon. I lived in a shared uni flat for a couple of years and that was awful, but I didn't get any actual abuse or owt. Just people cooking corn by putting cobs of it in the kettle, or leaving loads and loads of chicken in the bin until we got maggots, and then hoovering up the maggots so they all lived in the hoover and started coming out during the night. Normal student shit.