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Re: School Dread on Sundays
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RE: Hale and Pace, if you were allowed to stay up and watch it there was the added discomfort of naughty bits watching with your parents.

New Page Dread.


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Re: School Dread on Sundays
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Point of order - World In Action was a GRANADA production.

Gah, so it was. I was getting it mixed up with the Thatcher-baiting This Week (hence reference to the Gibraltar Three)


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Re: School Dread on Sundays
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While I do remember many of these shows, for extra bleakness I ask you all to consider that since I went to a boarding school, I was already at school on Sunday nights.

Sometimes I’d get to go home for the weekend, if my parents were in the country; more often it’d be my grandparents. If the latter, I might get to watch LOTSW before they drove me back to school. If my parents, well, they didn’t watch”lowbrow” TV so I’d spend that last hour or two of existential dread and terror (I really, really hated it there) I dunno, reading a book or something before choking down whatever dinner there was. Then it was back to school for a half eight or nine o’clock bedtime. Sometimes if we were lucky and there was a Bond film on (they too were always on Sundays) we’d get to stay up and watch it - provided we ran upstairs to the dorm in a break to put pyjamas and dressing gowns on.