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This should maybe go in the "your own music" thread but it's not actually mine and I'm pretty fucking proud of my daughter's band, HAQ123, who have just released their 2nd album. She's only 9, the drummer is 11 and there's one of my best mates (who some of you might know from bass heavy idiots Evil Blizzard) completing the trio.

Some of you might have seen them already as they've done a fair few gigs including the mighty Supersonic Festival, Lunar Festival, the first World Metal Congress and gigs with the likes of Big Lad, Hey Colossus, Bruxa Maria etc. I've played in bands for 20 years or so and they've already played much better gigs than I ever did, the twats. I'm obviously completely biased but they get some great reviews so people apart from me obviously like it.

This year they are playing my favourite festival in the world, Supernormal, so that's quite a big deal for them as we've been going for the last 8 years and they've grown up with it.

Here's a video from the first track on the album -

There's cds and vinyl but the albums also completely free to download on bandcamp if you fancy a listen -


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Saw them in Leicester recently (think it was supporting Big Lad), much fun was had. The drummer's crazy good for saying he can barely reach half the kit!


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I was ready to be all sneery and stuff due to the novelty factor but the likes of this:

and this

are actually pretty good!

Getting a pleasant Mark E Smith meets Boredoms meets... something Sabbathy vibe.

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I really enjoy these, and chuffed they're playing Supersonic again.  Will certainly grab a vinyl record once it's out.  One of my mates at the Supersonic gig said "the bloke's obviously in the band cos he has a van." :)

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Cheers Boki, I'll pass that on to Zac and he'll be chuffed. He absolutely idolises Henri, Big Lad's drummer, so loves supporting them. 

An Actual Propeller - afraid it's Supernormal they are playing this year, not Supersonic again. If you are in Brum they are playing an all-dayer in Digbeth on the Bank Holiday Monday, 27th May, with an ace line-up of Bruxa Maria, MoE, Rainbow Grave (ex Doom and Napalm Death), Squalor Fan and Kendo Nagasaki (who I love - 3 piece with two drummers and a distorted trombone).

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Ah, cheers dmillburn, my eyes sometimes confuse those two fests.  Holla at me if they fancy playing in Newcastle; I know just the promoter for the job.

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Really enjoyed that, Mr Millburn - great stuff!

I'm kind of hoping my six-year-old is going to form a psychedelic progressive avant-jazzcore band in the next couple of years.