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Blue shelled at the finish line in first place on MK, will always rise a MOTHER FUCKING CUNT WHORE! from me.

Playing Battlefield online gave me digital roid rage, what's the point in using another weapons WHEN EVERY FUCKING CUNT WITH AN ASSAULT RIFLE HAS A FUCKING I WIN BUTTON.


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Re: Gettin Angry
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I used to get really really angry at N: The Way of the Ninja, back when it was a free flash game online. I don't know why - I've never had it with any game before or since (including the various iterations of N+ that have been released on different consoles) but I used to get absolutely fucking FURIOUS, playing it in my early teens on our family computer. Slamming the mouse down, punching fuck out of the keys. I really really enjoyed the game, is the thing, the odd, weighted physics, bouncing off walls. Proper fun. And it was so fucking satisfying to complete a tough level. But it used to make me go absolutely fucking mad. Just the frustration, due to it being individual one-screen stages, of going through lots of different things, getting close to the goal, and then one little thing killing you and having to start it over. Furious.


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Re: Gettin Angry
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Start feeding the disc into your anus boy


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Re: Gettin Angry
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A pinball wizard I knew made a big thing of headbutting a vintage Black Knight table into oblivion when he missed his last high score. To this day, still makes me want to go and kick something.