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Salman Rushdie - 'The Golden House'
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The first hundred pages of this were great but then it just seemed to drift into absurd adventures of grotesque characters. I can't find any empathy in how Rushdie develops these characters or explores their dilemmas. A cold, rather inhuman book results.

Its relevance to Trump appears to be how everything in American culture is fake and how everyone in politics or celebrity is living a lie. Sure thing, but if there's no core humanity to the characters and we have no investment in what happens to them, the book just becomes an exercise in wanking off cleverness about how Rushdie has so much more culture in his life than his characters do.

His discussion of transgender is similarly empty because his trans character is just an idea on a page, not a realistic living person.

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I read this a few months ago, and have already forgotten virtually everything about it.  I do remember being puzzled as to why Rushdie dropped the plot strand of the novel's narrator making a film out of the events he was describing.