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Re: "art" games that are fucking terrible
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Dear Ester anyone? Such a navel gazing bit of nowt. I really think anyone who says it’s good is just lying to themselves.

Re: "art" games that are fucking terrible
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I sort of forgive it, for being one of the first of it's kind, and it looked very pretty at certain parts. It inspired subsequent games to build on the concept better, but it doesn't hold up well today.


Re: "art" games that are fucking terrible
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Fucking Night In the Woods, I wasted so much time waiting for that to get interesting before I just gave up with it.

Picked it up after spending a rainy Sunday playing through Oxenfree with my girlfriend. Really enjoyed it. Had an actually interesting, gripping story. It was properly atmospheric, at points unnerving and outright scary, and was all held together with a couple of an imaginative, unique mechanics. The characters were fairly well drawn, and the right amount of annoying considering they're all petty teenagers (even if some of the dialogue did suffer from being written and acted like an emotionally well adjusted 30 year-old who's confident in expressing themselves.) We completed it in one sitting then, after about a 20 minute break, went through it again to try and get a different ending and explore different dialogue trees.

The next weekend we tried to find a similar game because we'd enjoyed Oxenfree so much. I'd seen Night in the Woods reference a bunch and saw it on sale. What a fuckin' mistake that was. Started off interesting enough, but after a few hours it became clear it just wasn't going anywhere. Loads of the dialogue was such self conscious 'internet-speak' guff that doesn't flow or sound at all like actual humans and it was clearly desperate for it's characters to be memes. Massive cringe from me.