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The King's Mouth- The Flaming Lips
« on: June 05, 2019, 09:30:17 AM »
I wasn't expecting much having gotten nothing from the last 10 years of the Flaming Lips LPs but this new record "The King's Mouth" is quite lovely.

Everything I've read hints that it's basically a Wayne Coyne solo LP which leads me to believe that Drozd has been dragging him down the random squiggles/any old shit= MUSICAL GOLD road for a decade and he should get back on the skag to leave Wayne in charge again.

Mick Jones narrates the story (from his phone by the sounds of it) that's about a giant king baby who's got the universe in his head (or sutin).

I've enjoyed Wayne's descent into his late-mid-life crisis with his child bride and all the drugs.

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Re: The King's Mouth- The Flaming Lips
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I'll have a listen by all means but I've seen a lot of "their best since 'Yoshimi'" type comments, and it always makes me a little wary when a group becomes a Best Since (Whichever One 'Q' Magazine Liked) group. Like they've bowed to pressure to write Proper Tunes You Can Whistle for ever more.

What I'd really like is a proper collab between the Flips and Lightning Bolt, and when I say proper, I mean the songs are collaborated on for real, not "jammed out" or "improvised" or sent back and forth via emails or any of that.