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Not The Usual Gateway
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I heard this when I stacked shelves in Woolworths.Not the first song that you think of when Massive Attack comes to mind. It was the first time I heard them, then I cam across Unfinished Sympathy.

What started you liking a band?

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Re: Not The Usual Gateway
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sometime in the early 70s, I had alan freeman's saturday afternoon rock show on, & caught the tail-end of something I really liked the sound of, which he back-ref'd as "a memory of early pink floyd", & of which I'd only recorded a tiny bit of the lyrics which, by the end of the song, were heavily processed enough that I didn't recognise the voice.
so I ended up buying 'relics' & being horrified (initially) that the song sounded so different... I got used to it, & gradually got more floyd, but it was several years before I realised that the version I'd heard was bowie's cover of 'see emily play'.

well, I was only eight.