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I'm a pink toothbrush fan and find this to be an excellent moisturiser, but it is definitely not moisturiser.

The robots might take over the world one day, but Max Bygraves can sleep easy in his bed tonight.

Mr Blobby on the other hand has become obsolete :(

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"I called myself a Wooblybooblysexual. But after that day I just couldn't tell you what sex was, because I never knew. You know, it's a basic concept, and as far as I know there's no disputing that. I don't know if what I was doing was illegal or not, so I can't say."

What your school says about you and your sexuality?

With respect to Kink, I can be 100% clear. For instance, you may not think that's cool, but maybe it's cool for another reason, not just because of consent. If it's okay for me to have sex and it's okay for someone else to have sex, that's my choice."

"I called myself a Wooblybooblysexual.'

A friend called him, as did Facebook. 'Because I had other hobbies I tried to keep it to myself. That was like 16 years ago.' He'd met his current partner, Greg "Crow" Marsh, on an internet dating site. 'We were just there for the first time. I didn't even have to tell him my girlfriend was trans.'

'You saw a transition happen? You tried to have a family?'


'You both told people about it?'

'Yeah. That's the thing about these things – you don't even realise how you started being trans until the other person tells you and you can't believe"


"I called myself a Wooblybooblysexual. However it was really painful, and I still have all the pains associated with that. I don't know why, I guess I'm really dedicated to things and not very good at things."

<Blimey, even talktotransformer continuing glinner has problems with beards>

"I called myself a Wooblybooblysexuality, I admit, in hopes of being seen as the sole victim of unwanted attention, the only gay person I know with a beard."

You know, the one with a beard, those small drooping ears, and the unique definition of gender.

At least he didn't write "I've so far been able to avoid any face-to-face contact or the vixenish online habits which have herculean strengths and failings. At the very least, the vulnerability and harassment that can erupt on social media have forced me to drive an extra 50 miles to my poetry readings." "


talk to transformer is very confused.

"I called myself a Wooblybooblysexual for years, and in doing so pretty much called myself a Shhhhhhhh, and when it's a man calling himself a man and liking women, it's called gender dysphoria and deeply painful.

I met George when I was 16 and he was 23, a big smile on his face as I raised the glass. I remember going home to my parents and making a big rainbow cake with his name on it. He was very supportive, loving, and really sweet. They're married now and have three boys, one of whom was now at college. We got to know each other better when he was in the Army, so he was there to give me advice and introduce me to people "

"I called myself a Wooblybooblysexual, and took to making jokes about people making other jokes about me, or at least it was believed I had done so, until I got fired," she said. "I've since been trying to establish myself as a social media nerd.

As an outlet for all this work, Wooblybooblyborhood is effectively the problem of the Internet. Its nature is problematic. It takes what can be a reasonably functional space—a hot spot of communication that can be owned—and makes it into a self-contained arena for chaos and violence, with a fanatical focus on trying to justify sexist or "

basketball heads?

"I called myself a Wooblybooblysexual. I'm like any other guy. I don't pick the girl up and bounce her around like a basketball, but I've never got one to tell me that we should stop doing what we're doing. It's almost like a pet, you know? It's a play thing and one has to give way for the other. If you lose control, you hurt them and if they fall into your lap, you love them. But you never get this, like a girlfriend or a wife or a mom.

As an adolescent, I didn't really do any of this because I had a gender identity disorder and an intellectual disability. I was a tomboy that mostly gave me grief. "

"I called myself a Wooblybooblysexual in a series of tweets last week:

If I need to make it clear, I am not attracted to women. And I really don't like the sound of that.

I don't particularly love all women either, but I do think there is more to life than men. I know it's hypocritical of me to say that about myself, but it's how I feel. I don't like the idea of thinking about things only in terms of their male parts — I just prefer to think about how things get into that zone in the first place.

Honestly, I have no clue what that means."


"I called myself a Wooblybooblysexual at one point in my life, and I still do, I do."

Wankbag explained that she has "evolved from an insecure sixteen-year-old who felt trapped to an assertive and confident twenty-something." She stated, "While I've always kept to myself, I felt that growing up is a really uncomfortable process, especially when you've never experienced what it's like to be in a relationship before."

At the beginning of the book, Wankbag highlights how her "excessive vaginal skin wasn't a problem at all," at 15. She stated that "looking at herself, I didn't think it was that big a deal," "


I called myself a Wooblybooblysexual

But I hate it, there are no sex stereotypes,

there's no dick pics, it's no phone vibrator.

7. You say you are polite and businesslike

But when I win, your judgment is wrong.

8. You are gregarious and chatty,

But you talk shit on all your friends and use emoji's.

9. You have lived overseas, but still act american.

When in Australia you speak french and talk to mrrrrrongelmen.

10. When you get a compliment it's worth 5 5 cents.

you say when an event with dota2

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"Banned from twitter for an hour. Apparently broke some local bar rules.

Bill Callahan. Allowed to just walk around a Memorial Stadium parking lot in Minnesota (I want to stop using Minnesota instead) in a khaki vest and a T-shirt reading "I Hate America" because of his crazyness on twitter.

Dave Wannstedt. Literally basically a full-time douchebag at Cal (please ignore any names of Cal coaches past or present, i'm referring to this particular douchebag). Not banned from any sport, just blocked from everywhere and allowed to walk around.

Mike Leach. Allowed to just roam around a field at the center of a multiple-varsity field.

Brian Pol "

" I'm banned from twitter for a while and many people told me: 'Die' and sent thousands of meningitis C vaccines. Now they are attacking meningitis C vaccines. The truth is, it has nothing to do with your sex. They are not giving the same treatment to men as they give to women. Sorry for the insult to feminists!

Now there is a lot of problems in the world, like climate change, human trafficking and human fighting and less media coverage of women's rights but that is NOT MEN'S GENOCIDE? Or your argument that men's are generally also a victim of race. Your argument that men get a real rape culture, which is simply an an outright lie and very sad. And now a lot of people are "

I'm banned from twitter for saying you don't need to install windows 7 to be able to be an awesome nerd like me'.

I went on,

It would be simple to install the update so everyone can use a computer, software they're both happy to pay for. A bit less annoying for the millions of Windows users, it doesn't seem necessary to have all the info right in the first place, which tends to be why people do it. I couldn't imagine the same other alternative that is now illegal, something you can't make legally.

Then something happened. And I started rethinking.

The comments thread began to grow and grow. I saw people being accused of being an antivirus scum.

"I'm banned from twitter for this'.

The internet is like a nice warm bubble that lets people share their true thoughts. "
<me: yeah, no>

I'm banned from twitter for telling someone I was on the subway at 2:30 AM and she probably hates me. I had some soap when she was there and she must have thought it smelled. Besides that, I didn't want to talk about anything else. Don't know why, but it wasn't that important. Also, should I feel bad that I wasn't going to lunch with someone but I was actually sitting in a weird park eating some soup and then at 3:00 AM I have the fucked up feeling that something was wrong with me? Right before I woke up, I had a very high dose of 6 mg Abilify which isn't bad. I was supposed to do a response to the thread, but I was so worried

"I'm banned from twitter for spamming.)

PLEASE HELP!! My "Spycheck" app.

PLEASE HELP!! My "Spycheck" app.



Who the fuck is this bitch?

Fuck you, Bob.

Her job is not to offer the time of day to see black and orange people in a unique way.

What the fuck am I doing on a job site that is going to spawn some fucking logo designer to mine for gold?

I'm not fucking thinking like a friggin' wide set lol.

Our country's issues are time frame to get the fuck out of here.

It's like people "

<talk to transformer is a terrorist now>

"I'm banned from twitter for telling everyone to shoot Trump. Got banned from twitter. Now i have to switch to googledrive."

God save our gracious Queen!
Long live our noble Queen!
God save the Queen!
Send her victorious,
Happy and glorious,
Long to reign over us:
God save the Queen!

So, dark hags do come,
Love they do for the purpose
Of grasping money,
They lie in waiting,
With capes and fangs,
That suck the blood
Of their victims;
'Tis better to kill yourself
Than live in filthy sight
Of these villainous screechers.
And so it seems,
It is with guns that these villains
Begin to crack the daily cage
Of souls for the everlasting damned.

^ a beautiful improvement.

Stay alert, control the virus, or watch helplessly and in awe as the windows explode in your face and you pour blood and tears into a bucket – whatever you do, don't fall off."

Ooh ee ooh ah ah, ting ting, walla walla bing bang-boom, let's bang" sung in the luscious falsetto by a young gay man at an Ascot dinner party. Who could blame gay people for being nostalgic for these halcyon days when they ruled society.

When, six decades later, gay men and lesbians moved into a new, more equal society they discovered the beast they had hoped to slay in earlier times. On Saturday, as England celebrates Gay Pride, the widespread pain that gays endured for so many decades still haunts us.

What is most shocking about this week's Outfest is that this discussion has to take place – the public's continued obsession with homosexuality

Aw, it was fun while it lasted.

Sad news...
I can no longer afford to run Talk to Transformer without revenue. A better version is available in my recently launched (paid) product, called InferKit. It's the same text generator with more configurability.

It's been amazing to see this site reach millions of people around the world. Unfortunately, this is expensive. In spite of cost optimizations, the site has drawn almost $20,000 out of my pocket, due to the computational requirements of large neural networks.

I'd like to be able to bring this site back in a similar form and upgrade to a bigger, smarter neural network. But for this I need InferKit to work out, soon.

If you enjoyed this site, please consider supporting me by trying out and sharing the paid version. The future of both sites depends on your help.

—Adam (@AdamDanielKing)

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R.I.P Talk To Transformer, Long Live Text Synth

Started with the bit in bold then kept pressing the more button.
(Poor left out Ringo)

"Which Beatles have died? It's like we're all waiting for the apocalypse," writes John, "but there's only gonna be one or two or three to come."

The Beatles are still going strong. They are still alive. We can't let them go. There's always a new album coming, but I don't think it's going to be this one. I don't think there will be a new album with them or any of them. I don't think we're going to see anything else coming from them. I think they've reached what they're capable of. They've gone to another level. They're the kings. We could go on for pages.

John Lennon and George Harrison were in such good shape, they could probably play guitar. They were just as good as anybody else, and they would have been playing with Paul, who has been playing with them for years and years. And George, and Paul and John, and the rest, have been playing with them all along.

There's never been a Beatles album since the Beatles released the Beatles album "Let It Be", and I think it's gonna be a very different thing if there's never been a Beatles studio album. I think, if there's ever been a Beatles album, it's gonna be a studio album for them, and they're going to be on it. So I think they're doing very well.

Let it Be and "Let It Be", they were in a band together for three hours and two minutes. Let it Be was on the same day as "A Hard Day's Night", "The Beatles Have Been Dead For 23 Years" and "Yesterday", which were the only two Beatles to have ever had the same title.

Now, that was only the three of them. And "Let It Be" had been out a little less than five months, and it was a very different album from all the ones they had done that year. I think that's why they did that album so differently. The Beatles have never had any other studio albums for four or five months, never had a studio album this long. They had been playing in studios and at clubs and in their own houses and on television sets since '66, and they've never got to do another studio album. I think when, after the next big album, they'll get back on TV and have a big studio record and a studio album this big, and they'll do it all again. I think they're gonna make a record of this, and maybe get on their own big studio album. I think they're going to do it in four or five years.

It would be the next Beatles record if it were not for this one. It'd be a new album, but that's the way it'd be. I think the next album, the studio album I've seen them do, is going to be a different album from the previous two ones, because it will be the most famous album "

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Text Synth strikes again

The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
Brian Wilson Present Smile

Miles Davis Presents The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
Brian Wilson presents Smile
Carry On - The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
Snoop Dogg Presents The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
The Beach Boys - I Wanna Be Your Dog
Snoop Dogg presents Smile
Miles Davis presents The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
Snoop Dogg - I Wanna Be Your Dog
The Beach Boys - I Wanna Be Your Dog (C)


imaginary song lyrics

" Brian Wilson Presents Smile

The first song from this song is "I'm a little bit afraid" by The Who

Skipping the next song is a nice way of introducing you to the song: "I'm a little bit afraid that I'm scared/I'm a little bit scared I'm scared/I'm scared that I'm scared/"

You are a little bit frightened for some reason,

You're scared of nothing so much

I'm scared of you too,
But you look like a happy person.
You're so happy for me.

If you're scared/if you're scared/if you're scared/If you're scared/your fear makes you crazy.
What's the difference between a happy child and a crazy child?
When you're scared, you know it's your fear that you're afraid.

Your fear makes you so confused,
You can't understand why it doesn't happen in this moment
So much fear makes you so scared of everything.
It feels so real to be afraid.
You think you're so safe,
But then you feel scared.

But you're scared of everything,
So you go through it like you've never been scared,
You're afraid like never before.
You're scared of everything and everyone.
What do people think of when they're scared?
You're scared to death,
And they're scared of nothing so much.
They think you're so happy you're afraid,
You've never been so scared for a parent. "

Brian Wilson Presents Smile %u2013

Sitting in the back seat of a car.
A lot of time on a hot day.
You're going to make the most of the things that you have left.
So don't let that go by without making some memories
Of places that you love.

Sitting in the back seat of a car.

And sometimes you'll be in a car
That's full of people,
And there's not many things left to do.
You've only got that in your pocket.
So grab your wallet and your watch.
And make some memories of that.

Ohhh yeah! I don't want to do any of that,
But if you don't stop, there'll be one more person around,
That'll be you, and he'll always be there
Ohhh yeah! I don't want to do any of that,
But if you don't stop, there'll be one more person around "


"Brian Wilson Presents Smile & Light:

Lights are great for a light. The sun makes it more bright. But if you need that kind of light, then you have got to give them a go. That way you don't have to deal with the dark. I have seen people that spend an hour and get tired of their day. They want more energy out there because they can see more. So you have got to give them lights. "
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Text synth just spat out the name Barry Van Halen.



"legend garynd.

Gar yn garn: A short sword in one hand. See Gar yn-Garn.
Garnyn garn: A short sword.
Garnys garnys: A short sword.
Garnyng garnys: A short sword.
Garnys garyng: A short sword.
Garnys garynd: A short sword.
Garnys garyn: A short"

"legend Gary and Pubes Dazell and their baby were born:

And here's the first photo. It's from the second day. I've cropped everything to show you the details of the baby's face.

This is the third photo. It's from the second day. I've cropped everything so the hair is easier to see.

And here's the third photo. It's from the third day. You've got the front, front, front and back of the baby."

" legend Gary and Pubes Dazle in the video below!

Watch more of these adorable videos here:
More videos of these adorable babes below:

These are not the kind of people I would want to be a father to!

The next time you have a kid, don't leave it to them to decide what they think of their parents! Make sure they do not get any toys from mom! "

<not quite erotica and weirdly obsessed with toilets>

"legend Gary and Pubes Daz go to town on a few different different occasions, but it was the second where they actually went to the bathroom. So, this time I was actually able to see Gary and the pubes on their own, which I didn't see the first time we both went at the same time. Gary got on the toilet in the bathroom, I had to wait for the toilet to dry before we could enter the toilet together. But, it wasn't that hard. This is when I had to get out of the bathroom and move the bed back as if we weren't going there together. Gary, when I went to the toilet, told me about the first time he went to the toilet and the second time he went to it, which was when he had to get out as well. This is when he was asking me if I needed anything and if I needed help. At the end of that second time, I had to move the bed to see if I could get it out. But, it was difficult, as I was sitting on the end of the bed, my knees were not touching the end of the bed, I couldn't get my legs to move off the end of the bed (this was the most difficult part). This was when Gary came to the door and put some towels on my back and I had to put them down so that I couldn't put them back down on my back again. So, as Gary took the towels off, I had to push him to the door, while telling him that he couldn't go back to the toilet for another three minutes because I was too tired. Gary started asking me questions like: Where is he? What's his name? How much time did it take for him to go to the bathroom? I had to keep telling him that I was very tired and I didn't have time to go to the toilet for the bathroom. At this point, Gary was talking to me while he was taking my back and his legs and I had to push his legs away from the door and put them on the side. It was like trying to get the towel out of the end of the bed, which made his legs get stuck to the end of the bed. Gary told me that I was going to have to get on the side of the bed, because it would be very difficult to move the bed because he had to get on to it and my legs would be stuck on the end. This made me move my leg away to put it on the other side. Gary told me that I had to stand on the side of the bed, and he asked me if I wanted to do it. I told him I didn't want to get on the bed and he asked to take the other seat. I told him I didn't mind and he took the seat and we went on to the toilet."

<it's now gone a bit porny>
"legend Gary and Pubes Daz go on a journey through the history of anal sex

Cuckold - Kinky Cuckold and a few other guys

Cuckold - Naughty Cuckold - Naughty Cuckolds and the good boys

Cuckold - The Cuckold of England with more Cuckold stuff... and other fun stuff"

<Lege and Daz do a gay porno>
"legend Gary and Pubes Daz go to a party in my apartment, where they go for drinks. Then they go to bed where Gary gets his pubes. When they wake up Gary tells him they have slept in the same bed with pubes.

Gary: You are going to get a blowjob from me?

Pubes: Yes I am.

Gary: No, you are going to cum in my mouth.

Pubes: You are going to cum in my mouth.

Gary: No you are not.

Pubes: You will cum in my mouth.

Gary: No I am not.

Pubes: You are not.

Gary: Okay.

Pubes: Yes.

Gary: You are going to cum in my mouth.

Pubes: Yes."

<oh noez their dead now :-( >

" legend Gary and Pubes Daz go into battle. Gary gets hit, then pubes Daz goes into the battle. Pubes Daz dies before the fight is over. "

<R.I.P Pubes Daz>
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Talk To Transformer is no longer available as a free product.

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And the paid version is expensive.


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Text synth to the rescue
Talk To Transformer is no longer available as a free product.

This product can be returned to the same retailer or store if the issue cannot be resolved, and the return must be made within 7 business days of purchase, but we cannot take responsibility for the refund.