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Re: Succession - Series 2 (HBO)
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Just caught up, when is Kevin from home alone going to set loads of traps?

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Re: Succession - Series 2 (HBO)
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Just finished this. Don't think I've had a bigger, more vocal response to something in a TV show since the episode of Breaking Bad with Gus and the bell. He's a fucking killer!

Same here! Huge gasps and then actual fist pumping from myself and Mrs Custard. Absolutely brilliant

We watched both seasons over the course of the past two weeks, and it's been an absolute joy. It's stuffed with great characters and genuinely funny dialogue. It's weirdly like The Sopranos mixed with The Thick Of It. Superb cast too. A great show, and the best drama series I've seen since Breaking Bad. It's fantastic

Though I guess Corona has dicked up this year's season? Gah, need mooooore!

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Re: Succession - Series 2 (HBO)
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Probably, the majority of tv's been fucked over it seems.

Still, in the meantime Cousin Greg's done a song (which isn't supposed to be in character, but I'm not convinced) -