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Just finished watching the first two series of this and ended up quite liking it.

A former music journalist with one book to his name, Sam Loudermilk (played by Ron Livingston) is an alcoholic who drove his car drunk into a tree maiming his wife. Now divorced he cleans floors for a living while running an alcoholics support group for other middle-aged men like him at the local Catholic church. He shares an apartment with another alcoholic, played by Will Sasso, and as a favour to the church's priest they're joined by a young woman who went off the rails after her dad died, played by Anja Savcic. While set in Seattle it's a Canadian production, created by Peter Farrely, of 'brothers' fame, and Bobby Mort, a Colbert Report writer.

The first couple of episodes probably aren't going to convince many people to watch and the earlier performances are at times less natural too but it develops into a nice ensemble comedy with some quiet absurdism. Alongside the main characters, the misfits in the group are mostly well drawn and provide scope for side stories while plots are allowed to develop in pieces over time rather than in self-contained episodes. One annoying thing though is that the 'Previously' section at the start of each episode rather telegraphs exactly what you're going to get to follow. There's a slight sag at the start of the second series and it's not on the whole laugh out loud material but it's decent enough and I found it a grower.

Seems to be an exclusive for AT&T cable in the US but included with Amazon Prime Video in the UK. Third series airs in the US this winter apparently.