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Agreed, dreamy and inviting to a new world. Just wish these wankers would release the next games on consoles.


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Soul Reaver.  It's just epic.

Good call Cerys. Always wished they'd do a Soul Reaver/Legacy of Kain movie.

The Medievil games had some cracking music (and on a side note, the late Paul Darrow voiced Zarok!):

The Enchanted Earth/The Sleeping Village.

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Shout-out to the underground theme with its deranged breakdown about 10 seconds in, too:


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They fucked it by not changing key. The key change is what makes it. The chumpy fucks.

Four more, as I've not seen them mentioned in this thread:

Electric De Chocobo from Final Fantasy VII is relentlessly chirpy - no pun intended. Such a great shift in gear after the gloominess of Midgar.

The theme from Flashback on the Amiga. Going from that moody bassline to the ridiculously epic (for an Amiga) simulated brass band, really made it feel like a cinematic experience.

The Gameboy RoboCop theme. Aye, everybody knows this one and it was used on an Ariston ad and all that, but it's brilliant, just a weirdly chilled out electro surf rock thing to listen to while you blow away crims.

Finally, of course, It's a Skull (Valhalla via Amiga Power, courtesy of one of AP's own readers). Uploaded to YouTube by our own Madhair60, apparently! Insanely, I can remember all the lyrics, something like 25 years after it came out on an AP coverdisk.


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Re: The Best Game Music
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Mario Galaxy hasn't been mentioned yet, maybe because it's almost become a cliche to talk about how good the music in that game is. But then the music sounds like this...

Bouy Base:

Battlerock Galaxy:

and of course, the souring main theme:

A few years ago I'd have mentioned "Gusty Garden Galaxy" too, but it's been used in so many subsequent games as a kind of go to reference, that I'm actually getting a bit fed up of it now.

Re: The Best Game Music
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Replaying Galaxy at the moment as per the other thread but I had forgotten how amazing the music is in that game. Even the low-key background burbles and twinkles are incredible. It's just a really happy place to spend time. It feels like the product of inspiration and genius. The very best at the top of their game, much like BotW. As much as I loved Odyssey, it didn't often feel like that. It largely felt like a very strong team working hard and throwing lots of ideas around to see what would stick. Some of the ideas were incredible but there was nothing to underpin it all, whereas Galaxy feels like the fundamental concept and feel are so wonderful, they almost couldn't go wrong. Sorry, just remembered it's the music thread.

Re: The Best Game Music
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Pretty much my favourite PS1 game was Colony Wars, doesn't seem to get the credit it deserves. Gameplay was superb, even for me being shit at it. Massive variety in missions, some great scenarios, never got bored of attacking massive space stations. Did get annoyed at having to defend stuff that just kept getting blown the fuck up whilst I incompetently chased my own vapour trail like a special boy given a day in a ship. The music was wonderfully bombastic and added to the whole feel of being in massive outer space, whilst blasting away, engaged in viscious dog fights. Gives me the total Babylon 5 vibe.