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Useful websites & online resources for discovering books
« on: August 06, 2019, 03:09:43 PM »
Not dissimilar from this thread (,68190.0.html), I want to hear about any online resources you use to discover things to read.

I get most of my recommendations from here, friends/family and news articles tbh. But occasionally I want to get real deep into a topic that I know nothing about, for example The Cultural Revolution. I use Google obvs but I don't trust Quora or some click-hungry gobshite.

And then I discovered Five Books:

It's five books on a topic recommended by someone who knows their onions, and a wee chat with them about their choices. It's a pretty good way to discover key texts if you're stuck on where to start.

So thanks to this site I've got my five books on the Cultural Revolution.

What do you use to find books, then? Please be mindful of links to blogs and stuff that could be considered self-promotion obvs.