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You can get tricked out "Cash Hats" with false bottoms. Theres a little switch that can be mounted to the back of the guitar that when operated, dip the false bottom. The coins slide off into the secret compartment. The false bottom alos has some random changed glued to the interior, to always give the effect to the public that they have been getting some tips, but not an excessive amount.  You can get them here https://www.trickedhatsforsmartcats.dp/B07DG2Z1NH/ref=sr_1_6?keywords=cool+hat&qid=1565474940&s=gateway&sr=8-6

I don't see why anyone would do that. A busker with a hat full of money would actually get more money than one with an almost empty one, because people see other people have already given and they copy that behaviour


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Re: Buskers with amplifiers
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In That London buskers now have those things you tap your card on to take two quid.

Dunno what it made me feel. Possibly horny?