Author Topic: Oh frig it's the Wimblewrong 2019 Final - Hamfist v Pearly-Dewdrops Drops  (Read 55314 times)


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Dex Sawash

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fantastic game!


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Haha! What a final.

Have to say, hamfist has been great throughout this tournament and served up some bombs in this final. But Pearly-Dewdrops Drops has smashed it with every return. I think they were the three best shots in this final, so he has to take my vote.

Special mention for the NFY one, which really was a perfect Wimblewrong shot for me in concept and execution.


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ha ha ha ! lovely spaffing !

Spoon of Ploff

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Fantastic match Hamfist and PPD. You have both done this competition proud.

Al Tha Funkee Homosapien

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Fine (disgusting, depraved, libellous) stuff from both!

While PDD had the finest overall shot in the game (Paedo Cluedo), I feel that Nagsworth* was the strongest over all the hard fought rounds.



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Hamfist but wow what a match. Very close

Brilliant. Going with Pearly for some unforgettable/unforgivable images.


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Nagsfist for me

Hamworth, i mean

Epstein looks like Scooby, though, doesnt he?



alan nagsworth

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The pair of you played a fucking honker of a game. You should both be proud, and in a way, you both deserve to win.

But in a more accurate way, Pearly deserves to win. That Nathan For You parody is off the charts.

Pearly-Dewdrops Drops

Johnny Yesno

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What a final. Really strong conceptual and element links every shot. Nice photoshopping and really funny too. It's a shame to have to choose, really, but I reckon hamfist just edges it for me.

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PDD for Paedo Cluedo.


Pearly for the spot-on Nathan For You parody. I think one of us should send it to him, frankly

Captain Z

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Brilliant stuff, I'm gonna have to say Hamfist for the original and second shot.


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hamfist for glorious sullying of a cartoon Great Dane and his pals.

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This was stunning stuff and the best final I can remember, I found it hard to choose who to vote for but Pearly-Dewdrops Drops' Nathan For You shot wins it for me in the end.


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An absolute pleasure to watch this match. Just as well you didn’t enter and make it to the final again this year Sploff, as you’d have been totally outclassed once more.

Pearly edged it for me with the stellar ‘Nathan For You’ shot. Superb stuff from you too though Hamfist.


Spoon of Ploff

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An absolute pleasure to watch this match. Just as well you didn’t enter and make it to the final again this year Sploff, as you’d have been totally outclassed once more.

No need for that mate.


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both great but gotta be Pearly for the Nathan shot

Ray Travez

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Pearly edges it with the NFY


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The Nathan for You was superb but ultimately hamfist has it with three really strong ones. Especially "SUICIDE WATCH" and the Scooby