Author Topic: Oh frig it's the Wimblewrong 2019 Final - Hamfist v Pearly-Dewdrops Drops  (Read 58689 times)

Both absolutely brilliant by PDD for the last two returns. Just remarkable talent. Howling.


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Absolutely magical game.
I'm going for Hamfist on the strength of the original serve and set up.
Kudos to PDD though, it was a class match all round.

What a wonderful Wimblewrong it's been.


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What a wonderful Wimblewrong it's been.



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I've been vaguely following Wimblewrong for the first time this year, but haven't voted so far. It's been really enjoyable. I'll have to go for PDD for this round. It was very close in the final shots so the Peado Cluedo just tipped it for me.

Pearly-Dewdrops Drops. Both brilliant, but the Nathan For You shot was my highlight.

Spoon of Ploff

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That's it! Game over! WimbleWrong 2019 has finished and the champion is Pearly-Dewdrops Drops scoring 17 votes to hamfist's 10.

Well done PDD!

Sterling match, hamfist. (I still think you should have won for showing your ass.)

Now if you'll excuse me..


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Brilliant stuff Pearly, a well deserved win, lovely shots from you and the whole tournament  and a proper fun time creating wrongs. Some of the image search rabbit holes I went down - particularly on scooby-doo - opened my eyes somewhat, and my wife is getting a Velma costume for her birthday... If anyone wants to see more of my furry ass just PM me.


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No need for that mate.

Well done for wrangling this mother though.

Congratulations PDD! Look after that crown.

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Congratulations to PDD, you made me laugh a great deal and your shots in the final were especially amazing, while commiserations go to Hamfist who did some stunning work too, if only you'd shown us your cock and balls as well I'm sure you would have won. Ah well, there's always next year I guess.

Well done for wrangling this mother though.

Indeed, you did a great job Spoon of Ploff and due to it I have now taken you off my list of Cabbers I wish were dead.

alan nagsworth

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Cracking performance mate, well done

Dex Sawash

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Lost it when I got to the word scoobyhole


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Thanks sploff for delivering splendid show


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Much delayed (I needed him to die) - apologies to Pearly :

This is an amazing shot!

Not sure what to masturbate to anymore, but the thread warning in red was a start.