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Wolfman Jack/Clap for the Wolfman
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I never really "got" the Wolfman or the Guess Who's hit song about him.

Wolfman Jack was a one trick pony who was lucky enough to be "in the right place at the right time". RIP for a relatively young death though.

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I mainly know him from his appearance in Galactica 1980 (a spin-off of the original Battlestar Galactica). He played himself in one episode, and it was scripted so he died halfway through during the broadcast of a taped show, which is a bit of an eerie coincidence given how he actually died. Also there's this bit of trivia from that particular episode's IMDB page:

The radio station Wolfman Jack works at is WQSL. It was probably not a real call sign in 1980, similar to WKRP in Cincinnati, but as of June 1, 1994, it is the call sign for an FM station in Jacksonville, NC. It is now a country music station also known as "The Wolf" and it previously had a "Jack FM" format.