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it is a sky initiative. getting the stuff onto the STBs is pretty easy, as you'd imagine. the tricky bit is the 'splicing', which has to be frame-accurate, & making sure that all of the content has matched durations. getting the required triggers to work from a cloud-based playout system with somewhat variable latency was a right laugh. we tested it with a sky box in the office that was pre-loaded with test adverts that had burned in tc. it was quite weird seeing them being cut into regular programming...

We used yospace for doing that with live web streams as it needs to be frame accurate as you say, they effectively transcode the incoming feed and the ads so everything lines up properly. In web streams we did it client side, on set top boxes that meant storing the state of the video and restarting it on the ad stream then swapping it back (and fast forwarding back to where you were) on browsers it's easier to have two different players and bringing the advert one to the front when ads kicked in, can't do that on stb's because they only have one hardware player. Frame accuracy isn't an issue here as the code (javascript) doing the switching can't keep track of time anyway, if you run a video through it with no ad-break tiles or padding it won't cut in exactly the same place each time.

Another thing the Sky vod guys told us when we were looking to go with us was there's a lot of internal politics propping up their Satellite stuff. Sky Q doesn't actually need it; the German equivalent, because of how much decent broadband is kicking about does away with it and in the UK you can get an IPTV solution if you live in a listed building, but they're not allowed to offer it as a product because it would be stepping on the toes of both their premium Satellite business and their budget Now TV offering.