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The Kominsky Method
« on: November 03, 2019, 08:27:14 PM »
Cant see a thread on this is nobody watching it?

Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin are utterly charming and a great pairing. Its nothing groundbreaking but just a thoroughly heart warming old buddy series.

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Re: The Kominsky Method
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Just started watching this and so far I agree with you. It's maybe a bit stagey, maybe a bit sentimental, but only compared to Curb, which I can't help unfairly comparing it to. Also I'm only two episodes in but fully intend to watch more.

With Sandy Kominsky's acting school I'm recognising a possible nod to Michael Caine's Acting Masterclass, AKA the inspiration for all those Peter Serafinowicz sketches. I also like the way it shows Hollywood as an actually pretty bleak touristy place full of faded gift shops, which is exactly how Mr Jam described it to me after his visit, and how it looks in Nathan For You.

Bumping this because the third (and final) season will be streaming on Netflix from the 28th of May, so if anyone was thinking of giving this a go maybe now is the time to catch up. Don't get too used to Norman being around though, as Alan Arkin won't be present for season 3. Apparently he always planned to stop at two seasons, but it'll be interesting to see how that works out.

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Re: The Kominsky Method
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Frank Reynolds as the sleazy urologist... yes, that's me sold.

Loving Lisa Cuddy as the drug-addled daughter too.

...oh, and Kevin Wachtell as a sleazoid trying to pick up younger women in a bar!
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Re: The Kominsky Method
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Well I have watched both of the first 2 seasons and enjoyed them alot. Not sure myself Alan Arkin not in 3, he is so important to the first 2 seasons, maybe 3 starts with his death. Very much looking forward to the new shows.