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lol at the aircraft carrier in her banner. #BeViolentAtSea

She is the MP for Portsmouth, where that aircraft carrier is being fitted out. There are many other reasons to hate her than that

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A video has emerged showing Boris Johnson telling concerned business people in Northern Ireland that they will not have to fill in any forms to export goods to Great Britain.

The Prime Minister states: “There will be no forms, no checks, no barriers of any kind. You will have unfettered access.”

But his claim is at odds with comments from the Brexit secretary last month and from Michael Gove this morning, as well as the government’s official assessment of the Withdrawal Agreement...

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Lie, lie, lie until no-one knows what the difference is between lies and truth, or is even sure whether there is one.

Fortunately, this didn't work for Trump.

Oh wait.

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I bet there are people who’ll claim the long nose is an anti-Semitic gesture, even though Johnson isn’t Jewish.


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Re: UC, here’s my thoughts - just as there’s a strong tendency in the right-wing press to pretend everyone on benefits is living the life of riley, at the bookies every morning/watching chat shows on their 50 inch TV, so there’s an equal tendency in the left-wing press to behave as though everyone on UC is literally on the brink of starvation. The media as a whole tends toward hysteria. It sells papers; it drives traffic. The reality (for most people) probably lies somewhere between the two. Most people on benefits are neither living it up nor dying in a corner.

Now, there are obviously nonetheless cases where the latter is true. In those instances, if the papers really are a fourth estate and not just a money-printing business, they have a moral duty to report on them. At the same time, there’s a corresponding duty to help people understand that most people are navigating the system just fine. A. Because the people on the ground sorting out the payments deserve the recognition. And B. It actively discourages people from using the system because people come away with the impression that adequate help isn’t available.

Personally speaking, there’s not a day that goes by where I don’t thank my lucky stars I was born in the UK. I think it’s amazing we have a benefits system at all because, if you’re unemployed in places like China/South America/India, you’re pretty much left to your own devices - and no one is going to bother to report your plight either.

My wife works full time for Citizens' Advice as a crisis worker. There are four in Hull.  All of her work is related to sorting out people who are on the brink of homelessness as a result of UC either being denied, not being issued on time or being issued insubstantially.

She's in at hearings for UC a couple of times a week because assessors have incorrectly denied claimants.  They are, without exception, overturned.

Many of these people evidently have mental and/or physical disabilities who would have been in some form of full time care before most of those places were closed down and now it's 'Care In The Community'.  Those people are often the most vulnerable in society and suffer further.  A lot of the time, they don't take advice because they're not rational.  One chap tried to burn his house down a few months ago, a rented semi that damaged next door, a young family narrowly escaping.  Such people can't cope and don't have the capacity to exist reasonably in society and are left to get in with it, on their own, to everybody else's cost.

Regardless of which, people are always worse off on UC than on the previous system, which some people are still on.  Those people tend to be aggressively 'encouraged' to move onto UC.

I teach in the poorest ward in the third poorest region in Britain.  A lot of the kids are carers for disabled parents, because the poorest places are where disabled people tend to end up.  A lot of kids are also the main carers for younger siblings.  These kids are similarly affected by UC being unfit for purpose, so I witness the detrimental effect it has on the children of those who suffer most.  And it's not too lovely.

Other kids have parents who are the ones the right wing press would have a field day with.  Several generations of never being employed ever, stay at home getting stoned, pissed, smacked up and selling illegal items, fenced or drugs because UC doesn't pay them enough for their 'needs'.  Some of these people don't give a fuck about their kids and have plenty of them.  Again, the older kids are de facto parents.  However, these people would have worked on the docks or in factories and now there's not much call for unskilled labour.  And a certain portion of society is unskilled and incapable of developing any.  What are these people going to do?  Work in shops?  They're all closing down.  What it leads to is crime.

The housing estates that these people live in are similarly fucking horrible places.  Where I work looks like I imagine Poland did in 1973.  As they are undesirable places to live, they are also cheap and consequently where the Eastern Europeans are housed.  As they tend to send their money home where it worth a lot more, they can undercut the local 'native' population's wages while living next door to them, leading to the attitude that it's the EU that's the problem and they don't give a shit about getting a deal because, as far as they're concerned, there'd be more opportunities for them - legal and illegal - if they were 'all sent back to where they came from'.  Not UC, no, but as most UC is issued to people who are 'in work' (1 hour per fortnight, isn't it?) they believe these people are getting UC as well, whether they are or not.  People on the brink of homelessness who see Polish people moving in next door tend not to look much further and that's how you make the working classes right wing.

So, from my second hand experience, I'd say that I can see how you might draw the conclusions you have and, I daresay some people on UC can cope with it and suffer less pissing about but not necessarily legally.  Which costs everybody more money as well. 

However, the problem is that UC has had serious consequences on the most vulnerable people in society.  It's stinginess has increased crime, again primarily against other people who can't afford it.

I suppose in some countries, these people would be dead now.  To be frank, some of the victims in the UK are dead, so maybe we're getting there, eh? 

These are surface of the cuts made to the poorest people in society in orde to placate the right wing press and those people who subscribe to the same mentality.  The overall effect is that everybody suffers due to drastic measures that the sufferers go to in order to cope.  Which has been exacerbated by the death of the manufacturing industry, the high street and the lack of affordable housing.

It's not entirely UC, but a hell of a lot of it is entirely down to that and all of it is down to the Conservative party. 

In short, no, not really.
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I've zero experience of UC, but a friend of mine was in a meeting with the people in Manchester who aid homeless families. And their workload has doubled since UC was brought in round here. Perhaps just a coincidence.

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Boris Johnson has been accused of U-turning on his fracking ban after the Government opened the door to more shale gas drilling in future.

The Tories announced they would stop all fracking in England at the start of the general election campaign - but just three days later, they quietly issued a document which contradicts that promise, i can reveal.

Civil servants said that "future applications will be considered on their own merits" despite the supposed ban. And they also said there was "considerable merit" in loosening planning laws so local councils would no longer be able to block firms from drilling for shale gas...