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Newshound from Hell!
« on: November 18, 2019, 03:45:37 PM »
I've recently become aware of this aborted release, and I'm slightly gutted it never came out. It was supposed to be a cassette(/CD?) compilation of the 1994 Radio 1 Music Shows, which are some of my favourite Morris material.

Looking around online for listings, brings up the planned release date of '11 June 1996' and ISBNS (ISBN10 0563389613 / ISBN13 9780563389613) which bring up a couple of results but obviously there is nowhere to buy it.

Is there any further information available in terms of what was on there, why it never came out (I assume it was clearance issues?) and so on? It's tempting to do a fan-made version.

(apologies if this has been asked frequently, I couldn't find many results via google and am unable to search the forums here at CaB for some reason, cheers)

Re: Newshound from Hell!
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Here's the old thread on the subject (helpful hint: search for whatever subject you're looking for plus "cookdandbombd" in Google):

Re: Newshound from Hell!
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Interesting, cheers. Still looking for some further information if anyone has any - been nearly 15 years since that post!
It's criminal that apart from On The Hour and Blue Jam, no other Morris radio stuff has found any official release


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Re: Newshound from Hell!
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The full album was assembled but ran into clearance problems over some of the music used and some of the interviewees; the only contents that have ever been 100% confirmed are the Taxi Driver stunt, Eat Whale Meat and Everybody Get Fat On Cream. Presumably there are copies at BBC Audio and Talkback but they've never leaked.

Re: Newshound from Hell!
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Interesting, cheers. Wish there was a full tracklist available for fan-assemblage