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Theres usually a middle man of some big organisation that protects copyright on behalf of the rights holder thats doing the "hmm probably"

Yep, but my area of doubt was whether the site always bothers contacting and consulting with that middleman, or whether they sometimes just make an executive decision and take it down without even going that far. Just to close the report.


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I'd hazard a guess that the musical has proved that there's money to be made from the OFAH soundtrack or, more specifically, money to be lost from letting people sing it to others for free.
Can you imagine?
"Hey, shall we get tickets to that new OFAH musical?"
"Nah, there's a bloke on Twitter singing the theme song in an Elton John voice. What more do you need?"

i know which i prefer


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Brush Strokes is guilty of this too:

Things you might do to a horse : brush, stroke
The renaming of Splosh to Elmo Putney's Painting Firm (Horse running type)
Music : Dexys Midnight Runners (Horse racing speed)
Jacko is played by the actor Karl Horseman
Series ran (horse) until 1991 (large number of horses)

StrOKES, like the famous Oaks stakes horse race.

Karl Horseman famously advertised Flash table and floor deodorant. There's a Disney 1997 horse film called Flash. Looks amazing in the Wikipedia photo.

Horseman also appeared as a cockney chancer in Minder, alongside George Cole and Dennis Waterman.
Waterman was characterised in Little Britain, a show which was recently pulled from streaming services for its dubious racial content, alongside a wider protest involving the removal of statues depicting slave owners.
There have also been statues of horses.

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Karl Horseman[1] also formed a band with that lady who looks like a younger version of Jessica Tate from " Soap", the band Salad. When that band split, the lady was in another band, who had a song about being a horse.
 1. someone who looks like him really.

Karl Horseman famously starred in the weirdly depressing sitcom Mulberry that came out at the same time as the even more depressing for other reasons sitcom So Haunt Me. Mulberry is a company that makes bags. Bags rhymes with nags, which is another name for horses popularised by Only Fools and Horses because that was the name of the pub where Raquel from So Haunt Me first took her clothes off in front of Del while dressed as a policeman. Policeman sometimes ride horses.

Jacko's brother-in-law Eric was played by Mike Walling (RIP), who was also in The Smoking Room alongside Emma Kennedy, who rode a horse as Nostradamus in TMWRNJ.

Jacko's boss was called Lionel, as was Geoffrey Palmer's character in As Time Goes By, in which at one point we see Alistair riding a horse. Plus lions and horses are the only animals with manes.

Brush Strokes was a running joke in Cunk on Britain, or CoB, a type of small horse.

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