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love how children are always out of focus in his films, like mythical creatures

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She is told to wait until the algorithm has been rescued before killing him. But she realises she is about to run out of time and miss her chance, so she kills him anyway, because she is a bit bored by the whole plot about the algorithm.

Noone bothers to suggest they just destroy the bloody thing either so they? They probably can’t because it’s full of ‘time magic’

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That final scene could've been a triumph if he'd used the reverse time logic properly and it was two armies shooting each other and bringing soldiers back to life. Start with one on each side and by the end of it there's fucking batallions of blokes as they get the bullets sucked out of them.

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Re: Tenet
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Presumably somebody had the job of making sure the choreography all made sense forwards and backwards and nobody had the job of making sure any of the action sequences were fun or imaginative.

I mean... it's like fucking Screenwriting for Dummies, I know, but the whole reverse bungee jumping bit at the start perfectly sets up a bit at the end where your man just hoofs himself into the air by anti-jumping off a collapsing building or something.

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Saw this last night after a few pints of TENNENT, and also had a carry out in the cinema too. Probably not the best film to have seen pissed, although maybe it was considering it was deliberately trying to be confusing.

Barely understood what was going on beyond the first scene really. Just took each scene on its own from that point. This scenes a batman bit, now it's bond, now generic action sequence, cod science exposition, back to bond again, now it's inception... Was enjoyable enough on that basis.

One of the most memorable bits for me was Michael Caine properly eating his lunch. He seemed to be really setting about a meal, which made it hard to hear what he was saying as he was chewing away. 10/10.

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I think Caine only agreed to do it if he got his lunch. And got to eat it while they filmed his scene.

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No-one should go to this film with the intention of following the plot because a) it's impossible and b) even if it were possible it wouldn't be worth it cos you can tell it's bollocks.  The consequences of time travel, FFS. It's the sort of stuff 12 year olds ponder over! That said, I was never really bored during the 150 minute run-time, largely cos of the action scenes which are usually well presented by today's standards (ie you could usually tell what was happening within the scene).

But Denzil Jr was rubbish!  Ok, he was pretty good at the fights and he can't be blamed for the fact that the rest of the time he was either delivering great gobs of exposition or having them dumped on him, but he is clearly from the Syd Little-inspired not-pretending-to-be-just-standing-there-looking-bewildered-but-really-is-just-standing-there-looking-bewildered school of acting.  He was just a blank.  If he'd had a bit of oomph to him then maybe the movie might have been more than just spectacle.

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Re: Tenet
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He was much better in Blackkklansman, so I'd feel fairly confident laying the blame at Nolan's feet.

It's tanking in the states apparently. They were obviously hoping for a drawn out, sleeper hit sort of success, but it's not happening. And, quite frankly, it serves them right. In any other year, this would just be an overrated disappointment, but in 2020 it's a monstrous act of hubris.

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Is there actually any other films on the States for comparison? It's really not the film to bring people together and rushing back to the cinemas, is it?

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People just aren't going to the cinema period, but it's still the most successful post-Covid release, currently at about $250 million so likely to just about break even when you factor in marketing and other costs. I'll be interested to see how Black Widow, No Time to Die and Wonder Woman 1984 do in comparison though, that will be the real test.

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I think every other would be blockbuster has been shunted to next year. The only potentially comparable film out now is The New Mutants, which was probably doomed to failure, even in normal conditions. Other than Marvel, Nolan is the only sure fire hitmaker in Hollywood. If anything was going to be a box office smash this year, this would be it.

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I feel like it was maybe used as a litmus test to see how well it would do. Bond or Wonder Woman films feel like more reliable, fun and escapist films to open with post COVID. I'd far rather see them after having been locked up for months than a film that's near incomprehensible and where I can't even hear the dialogue.

I mean, I am a big Nolan fan but this was a big mess.
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Re: Tenet
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I saw this yesterday and my thoughts are

Elizabeth Debicki is tall and pretty like a ceramic horse

Michael Caine saying “secret soviet cities“ is really funny

Everyone in this film except Robert Pattinson is really miserable

This film is kind of stupid

This film is very loud

I didn’t understand parts but only because I didn’t really give a fuck

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Why does Nolan try to give his characters motivation, when everyone knows they are always boring automatons? Protagonist wants to save girl. We don't care about girl! Just stick to the bigger problem of the world ending, mate.

I felt like it had an interesting concept which was squandered with Doctor Whoesque "timey wimey" solutions. Aaron Taylor-Johnson did a perfunctory impression of Tom Hardy, while Robert Pattinson was fun mostly for his mad accent. I found Washington pretty wooden in BlacKKKlansman so was not surprised he underwhelmed here, but he convinced physically at least.

Loved the non-CGI action scenes, especially the plane sequence - I'm guessing it's high-quality models that made that happen. But one of my favourite moments was when the main villain, a dangerous Russian arms trader, was mysteriously kept out of shot until the big reveal showed the audience he was... Kenneth Branagh! TBF he was very good but that first reveal was hilarious. Nolan does not understand humour at all.

The bromance scenes after the bomb went off at the end were painful. Probably his worst film of his I've seen.


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Loved the non-CGI action scenes, especially the plane sequence - I'm guessing it's high-quality models that made that happen.

Big fuck-off plane mate

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I had no idea until just now that this dude is Denzel's son.