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Everytime I hear someone say Niall Evalds, I have to stop my self whistling the Van De Valk theme tune.

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Re: Rugby League (40)2020
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Greg Inglis signs for Warrington for whatever of the 2021 season might take place. Seems a strange move, with it not making sense to me for either party.

Warrington likely not the best place for an Australian bipolar recovering alcoholic.  With BMM fucking off, I think Simon Moran just goes into his NFL wankbank

Be Thurston next year.

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Fast-paced return for the NRL. The new change - restarting the tackle count instead of giving a penalty for ruck infringements that don't stop the play, e.g. holding down or markers not being square - seemed to work quite well. Felt just as much of a punishment to the offending team and allowed the game to flow. Will be interesting to see what happens in a situation where an applicable offence would've resulted in a penalty that the team in possession would like to kick at goal. Especially at the end of a game if the two points would be crucial.