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And in movie location captions it's always 'London, England' or 'Madrid, Spain'
I've always assumed this is because most places in America are named after other places. So there's the possibility that some hick would think the UK Prime Minister lives in London, Kentucky or bullfighting happens in Madrid, Iowa.

Cheers, Three's Company MENTION Andy Capp   

Poirot, Cannon, Prisoner of Second Avenue, Tinker Tailor, CharlieChan, Voyage Round MyFather ref Bulldog Drummond.
John Arlott in P'Tang, Yang, Kipperbang
    NCIS mentioned The Man in Black and Dick Barton as part of Ducky Mallard's youth.      Flight of the Phoenix - Ian Bannen works for the Daily Mirror.

Midnight Lace (1960)

McCloud (1977) - McCloud goes to London, to fight the IRA with the help of Adam Faith as a Cockney tec. IRONICALLY repeated on Channel Five.

I remember an episode of Coronation Street where the character of Len Fairclough was seen watching the episode of The Krypton Factor that had immediately preceded it and successfully answered the question, what word fulfils the expression bell, book and......?

Big thumbs up* for Granada for doing that.

*© Jasper Carrot.

I remember an episode of Coronation Street where the character of Len Fairclough was seen watching the episode of The Krypton Factor that had immediately preceded it and successfully answered the question, what word fulfils the expression bell, book and......?

Big thumbs up* for Granada for doing that.

*© Jasper Carrot.

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Am I misremembering, or was there an episode of Dr Who where someone was watching TV and Dr Who was about to start but it cuts away just as the continuity announcer is introducing it?

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Nope, there was.  Remembrance of the Daleks.

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what word fulfils the expression bell, book and......?

cbs northern exposure MGM TOO SCARED SCREAM fresh prince nbc hiding place lovejoy agnes of god mgm libel universal father goose cry in the dark cannon fox shining through jonathan creek ultimate force shooting the past mosley warner the big tease Grand Prix - Raymond Baxter BBC The Four Minute Mile

Carol Burnett spinoff Mama's Family for some reason presented itself as a mock-episode of Masterpiece Theatre hosted by Harvey Korman as Alistair "Quince", rather than Alistair Cookie.

Alistair Cooke narrates the 3 Faces of Eve
MGM's Libel (1959) features the BBC.

CBS' Northern Exposure had characters watch PBS. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air - Geoffrey often watched BBC stuff on PBS.
Lovejoy had BBC radio pop up. Shooting the Past by Poliakoff has a BBC Crew.
Ian McShane slasher Too Scared to Scream has PBS in it.
Shinin Through has Clement Von Franckenstein as a BBC personality.
Father Goose and A Cry in the Dark feature the ABC
Religious drama the Hiding Place has Dutch resistance listen to the BBC Overseas Service.
The CBC pops up in Agnes of God.

Grand Prix has Raymond Baxter cameo.
Mosley, the C4 miniseries has a BBC appearance.
Chris Langham as a BBC man in The Big Tease.

Canadian drama Slings and Arrow had Superman IV's Boystown Priest, Mark Caven as a BBC interviewer.

My Daughter's Keeper, a 1991 South African horror has a fictional BBC books programme, Michael Grimley's Book of the Week.

Mantovani featuresin The Green Mile and the 1998 Great Expectations and HBO's Gotti, some Toto comedy

 I always found it hilarious that Tony Hatch is credited on Jaws 2, St Elsewhere, Quincy ME, ABC/CBS' My Three Sons, Quiller Memorandum, Flight of the Intruder, The Game, Austin Powers,Will and Grace, When Harry Met Sally,Moonlighting, Good Morning VIETNAM, Revenge of the Nerds...

Frank Thornton in the Bed Sitting Room
An extra in the Clint Eastwood not-Dirty-Harry-but-kinda-is thriller Tightrope wears a Doctor Who diamond logo t-shirt.

The Night they Took Miss Beautiful features mention of Twiggy and a fictional British model character, ToniMcDuff.
James Clavell's booksfeature BBC journalists.
There's a TV scene in Salt and Pepper with Sammy Davis Jr and Peter Lawford

Sam Fox's records crop up in a Nightmare on Elm St.
Arguably, Mick Fleetwood in the Running Man.

An episode of Thriller features UFO sweet cigarettes in a corner shop.

Thames associate US station WOR features in Gremlins, Ellery Queen (well, Morton Downey anyway), Shaft, Dog Day Afternoon, Without A Trace (1983), Frankenhooker, Moonlighting...

Magnus Magnusson hosts Mastermind in John Hurt's head in Love and Deathon Love Island

The BBC features in Billy Liar.
David Coleman in Without Limits

NPR in Just Shoot Me/Newsradio.
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The Shadowsand Cliff feature in Go to Blazes,  ColdLazarus, Scandal, Buster, Losin' It,  the Yearmy Voice Broke, Xanadu, Endless Love, Nunzio Magnum, the Revenders' ComediesThe Shadowsand Cliff feature in Go to Blazes,  ColdLazarus, Scandal, Buster, Losin' It,  the Yearmy Voice Broke, Xanadu, Endless Love, Nunzio Magnum, the Revenders' Comedies,  Lemon Popsicle

 Time Trax featured the London Post, but weirdly - as himself, US commentator Chick Hearne - himself in Fletch, big business White Men cant Jump 1st and Ten, Simon and Simon, Fall Guy,   Matt Houston, White Shadow, Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island, Busting, New Perry Mason, Hawkins, Hitchock Presents, the Fugitive, the Love Bug, Mod Squad, Alcoa Premiere, McKeever and the Colonel, the Loved One, My Favourite Martian, My Three Sons, Rugrats, Simpsons, Hardcastle and McCormack, Fish that Saved Pittsburgh, 21 Jump Street, All the Marbles.
Reminds me Richard Burton was in the Fall Guy as himself, as were George Gobel, MC Gainey and Gary Owens, Joanna Pettet, Britt Ekland, Milton Berle, Cathy Lee Crosby and Jamie Farr.

In The Rainbow Thief by Alejandro Jodorowsky, a copy of Ziggy magazine, one of the many shite Viz knockoffs is seen in the newsstand run by Omar Sharif's girlfriend.
A Hard Day's Night poster, Wilfrid Brambell's name visible, crops up in Hook.
Robert Robinson in Ken Russell's French Dressing

Not quite the same thing.
But themes from music libraries used as British TV themes used elsewhere
Crown Court (Distant Hills by Cliff Twemlow) - Swordsman and Enchantress (1978, Shaw Brothers)
Owen, MD (Sleepy Shores by Johnny Pearson) - Encounter with the Unknown (1973), Exit the Dragon, Enter the Tiger (1976)
Mastermind (Approaching Menace by Neil Richardson) in video nasty Delirium (1979) and Eddie Romero's Dr Moreau adaptation The Twilight People (1973)
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Let Him Have It features What's My Line?

The novel Pandora's Clock features a BBC correspondent, but the NBC TV miniseries based on it, where Seattle doubles for Bavaria, Iceland and Norfolk, does not.

Canadian, but Rich Little (though he did front ITV's the Kopykats, not Copycats, but a 70s Lew Grade thing and voice characters on The Raccoons and Lucky Luke) appeared as himself in Futurama and the Beverly Hillbillies.

The Command and Conquer games had a BBC character.

Captain Z

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"Dildo Swaggins" shows Gerald Broflowski a clip from BBC news about Trolltrace in that series (21?) of South Park, although it's not really done for laughs so there's little to comment about. I think in the same series Gerald is also excited to see a report of his trolling on the Guardian website.

Has anyone ever been portrayed watching snooker or darts?

David watches Rab Smith vs Cliff Lazarenko in American Werewolf

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There's an entire episode of Children's Hospital which is a pretend British version of the show.

None other than Garfield watches GMTV's Penny Smith in his trip to London in Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties

Her colleague Kate Garraway voices a newsreader in the UK version of The Lego Ninjago Movie, which is some American newsreader we don't know about elsewhere.

Gurke and Hare

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Press Gang had a Doctor Who analogue called Professor X.

There was that great bit in Father Ted, where they watch "Father Ed".

Mr Garrison in South Park was briefly shown watching a sarcastic take on Tellytubbies while stoned.


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There was that great bit in Father Ted, where they watch "Father Ed".

he put the shorts on his head

There was that great bit in Father Ted, where they watch "Father Ed".
Father Ben

Hammer horror "Straight On Till Morning" and in Newsagents - a Playhour & Robin is in full view, complete with Magic Roundabout cover;
Judy comic pop up in Magical Mystery Tour
Columbia/Anglo comedy Please Turn over features the Swift, while AIP Leslie Philips com No Kidding has the Topper.
Shirley Valentine has a Beano annual
Nothing but the Night 1973 features the Beano, as does a late period Rumpole.
Watching Dennis Potter's Karaoke, Finney has a  copy of A Pictorial History of Horror by Denis Gifford and someSF book with Sam Jones as Flash Gordon.
Brian Moore plays himself in Bloomfield (1970), Fever Pitch and Mike Bassett.
The book of Absolute Beginners has a scene set at BBC White City.
NGP/Anglo-EMI's All Neat in BlackStockings feature Smash! Pow! annual.
Bryanston/EMi's the 14 with Jack Wild has the Bimbo comic.
This Sporting Life (1963) - At least, Richard Harris attempts an accent, slightly less tortured than his other attempt at Northern in Highpoint, but as with Colin Blakely, there's bits where they slip back into Irish. Seeing William Hartnell lust over him - well, .  We see a copy of Jack and Jill comic in Harris' character's daughter's hands, predating other IPC comics' appearances in The Wild Geese and Juggernaut.

Gideon's Way features Quality comics' reprints from Super Comics and Only Two Can Play features Alan Class reprints being overseen by Peter Sellers.

Arkwright's shop in Open ALL Hours always had Look-In.
Topper pops up in the  J Lee Thompson Dors/Jack Buchanan vehicle As Long As They're Happy and The SandwichMan.

Charlie Bubbles features George Innes reading Sparky.
A Hard Day's Night features British Mad and a headline in a newspaper about Barbara Murray divorcing John Justin.
Morecambe and Wise had them reading a Beano with Dandy stuck on the masthead for some obscure avoidance of product placement reason.
Bernard Bresslaw
reading a copy of the Topper in the 1958 film 'Too Many Crooks'.
Toppper is also in Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush.
The episode of Minder, Bengal Tiger has a newsagent scene featuring Misty comic, and Starburst.
Fenn Street Gnag has Leon Vitali and Robin Askwith read the Wizard.
Hope and Glory has a copy of the Rover.
The Bean appeared when the Piranhas did Zambezi on TOTP.
Terrific comic in Twisted Nerve.
Poor Cow has a Lois Lane comic.
Beano featured in After Henry.   

There's an episode of the Saint where  a serialisation of You Only Live Twice is seen in a Daily Express paper used by Rog as a  trap. Turn the Key Softly has Yvonne Mitchell reading the Gambols in the Express.
The Merton Park mustery Death Goes to School has Gordon Jackson reading Girl comic.
Escapade with John Mills and Alastair Sim has the Eagle in it.
British Lion Attenborough vehicle The Man Upstairs features Comic Cuts.
Hotspur comic is in a Follyfoot.
Apparently, the Eagle propped up erroneously in the Sullivans.
Lady Godiva Rides Again with Kay Kendall, Diana Dors, Joan Collins, Dana Wynter, Ruth Ellis, George Cole and Stanley Holloway features Holloway selling the Eagle.
Benny Hill reads the Beano in a World of Sport sketch.
Room Service, the terrible Jimmy Perry hotel-com had Matthew Kelly reading TV Comic.
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Jurassic Park III, Flight of the Navigator, Jack the Ripper 1988, Seinfeld, Police Academy and Die Hard all have Nestle's product placement.
David Caruso plays a character called Kit Kat in Hudson Hawk.

Miss Marple - At Bertram's Hotel features Donald Burton as a BBC TV commentator.

Pulp Fiction features a Modesty Blaise book. Not TV, but British comics.

What was the one that supposedly showed cricket on UK TV but it was a totally stupid mashup of cricket, croquet and taking tea?

Googled, from 'Get him To the Greek' and previously a Dutch comedy show 'Jiskefet'

Recently astonished me, not TV per se but there's a ref to Smith's Crisps in Passport to Pimlico.
Probably the salt and shake ones that my mum lives on, but still...

Empty Nest, Awakenings and Felicity, New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking, Night Shift 1982 have Nestle's jokes. Brief Encounter has Nestle's Nut Milk.

Yes, not TV, but I just find it extraordinary that some brands are old enough to be there in the era of Jack the Ripper.

Gideon's Way features advertising for Typhoo and some footage of traffic on a character's black and white set.
A kid in Tales of the Unexpected - Stranger in Town reads British Mad.
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The Olivier-Sarah Miles drama Term of Trial features the ballroom dance show "Chris Jarman's Half Hour". It also has Quinsborough Road doubling as France. Also features copies of Man's Illustrated and a big display for Konga at the ROyal Cinema.

Wrestling on TV features heavily n the Lino Ventura vehicle MARIE OCTOBRE.
The Scientific Cardplayer, a Dino De Laurentiis comedy has Italian TV.
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