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Re: Weird and wonderful compilations and mixtapes
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Been entranced by Elysia Crampton's dense DJ skills for years, but just listened to her comp of Andean Folk musics- and it's goddamned wonderful.  I've never heard these kind of loping funky beats from ye olde folk music before, and I listen to a fair bit of cumbia music.  I guess some of it is newer than I imagine. The track at about 35 minutes is particularly riotous.  Her own sets* are equally unique, but I'm glad she made this.

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Re: Weird and wonderful compilations and mixtapes
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yeah she's ace

I like Xan Coppinger's 'Music in Exile' series of dj mixes

the mixtapes on the blog Tristes Humanistes are great, so much lovely obscure stuff from all over the world

Re: Weird and wonderful compilations and mixtapes
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Here's a cracker which I'd forgotten about until just right this very minute, after listening to the marvellous Messer Chups and seeing it as suggested listening on Spotify:

Like Sputniks, the musicians are orbiting the earth, assimilating stimulations from the whole world. Igor Vdovin sends Russian sailors to Brazil and a gypsy band to outer space. Dima Vikhornov and Snegopady demonstrate what Russian folk music might sound like when played by Martians. Veteran DJs Krugozory (66 and 67 years old) confront pompous military marches with nursery rhymes, refining the melange with a bit of light Soviet jazz. Messer Chups pass Tchaikovsky’s nutcracker into alien hands, where it is deconstructed and reassembled.

This highly individual kind of music, located somewhere between lounge, easy listening and radical experimentation is most of all cultivated by Moscow labels Snegiri/Legkie and Solnze Records. This scene’s creativity is getting more and more recognition. Igor Vdovin has been hired as a producer by Russian superstar Zemfira. Bands like Messer für Frau Müller and Messer Chups are gaining popularity in the Western world. This mix of old and new, mysterious East and modern Europe makes this music so unique and fascinating. This compilation shows a somewhat different side of popular music in Russia. Welcome to Café Sputnik. Take off and enjoy!

This is such a fun compilation. The aforementioned surf/rockabilly/horror outfit Messer Chups' "Tchaikovsky Beat" kicks the whole thing off and gives a very solid representation of what you're in store for. The music is frequently camp, kitsch, amusing and downright groovy. John Waters and Quentin Tarantino would likely absolutely love it, if they don't already. I almost wish I'd remembered it a few weeks sooner so I could have enjoyed it on Halloween!


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Re: Weird and wonderful compilations and mixtapes
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Good call Mollusk. A fine comp.

 I offer up Add N To X's Barry 7's two immaculate Connectors collections from the '00s.

Here's a nice selection from Bazza's second outing