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Falling In Love ( Dir Ulu Grosbard, 1985)
« on: January 30, 2020, 10:41:17 PM »
I saw this film approximately 7 times upon it's cinematic release , and was moved to give " The French Lieutenants Woman" , " Sophie's Choice", " Taxi Driver", " The Deer Hunter" and " Debbie Does Dallas" multiple viewings on the back of it.
Forget Harvey Keitel doing his muscular pimp in a vest role with Bobby Boy in that Taxi Driver film  ( David Essex could have done the HK role equally as well), that scene in the gym wherein Bob, with headful of married Meryl, turns to Harvey, and says " Hey, Harvey Keitel's character... Do you think I'm handsome?", and the boy Harvey pisses himself laughing, and Bobbo's face collapses like a Great Cuntish Bake Off losing, * that's* a fucking excellent scene.

Diane Wiest saying " Now, Meryl, listen to me...", only for Meryl to scraper, knowing full well she should listen to her....Meryl looking into mirror after various 80s fashion tryouts, requesting of her reflection " what the fuck are you doing, Meryl? "....the fact they don't actually fuck each other ( Oh yeah, SPOILERS, soz)...

Fucking Brilliant film. I trust you've all seen it. If not, see it, and don't let the horrible mid 80s music soundtrack distract you too much.
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