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The New Pope
« on: February 02, 2020, 09:50:41 PM »
Enjoying this. Liked The Young Pope and was worried it would lose something without Jude Law's Lenny. Brilliant representation of the ol' Holy See I reckon. Characters are corrupt, pompous and ridiculous. I think it's a good realization of how the ruthless and schizophrenic an ancient institution like the Catholic Church would need to be to survive. It's an impossible situation when you think about it, the church means nothing if it doesn't survive, but the compromises it makes to survive means it means nothing, or worse. Voiello encapsulates that brilliantly for me. Also I think the show also has a nice thread of appreciating the naivety and need for grace that motivates people to try and find meaning in something like god and church. It has little glimpses of what the church should, but can never be.

Have found Malkovich's weird annunciations, and what initially looked like loads of mascara a bit off. Don't get his character yet, but I'm only five episodes in.

Also it's full of really charming moments like so.

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Re: The New Pope
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Just catching up on The Young Pope and fucking loving it. Very excited to start on this one.


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Re: The New Pope
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I'm really enjoying this and it actually feels like I know a bit more what's happening than in the first series. Voiello is one of my favourite characters on recent TV - the scheming genius, the weird, slow voice, the mole - he's great.

The programme is just so beautiful too, even the fact that a lot of shots are deliberately ever so slightly asymmetrical.

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The Young Pope was one of my favourite shows of the decade but seemed to slip under the radar with everyone else. A beautiful show with a great soundtrack and powerhouse central performance from Law. Great acting all round really with some fascinating faces, and yes Voiello is a wonderful character played by a brilliant actor

The New Pope hasn't quite hit me the same way yet but I am only 2 in so that could change

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Beautiful definitely sums it up. I would describe myself as quite a religious atheist, and so should we all. This show just hits right in my sweet spot. It's all about the mystery and beauty of seeking that beyond truth, choked by a human institution. On the penultimate episode and it's just grown and grown. It's built on the last series so brilliantly. Malkovich has definitely grown on me. Voiello, Giralomo, just heartbreaking and deep.